TODAY   |  January 26, 2014

Rumors swirl about the new iPhone getting a bigger screen

The next generation of the iPhone will be hitting the market this year, and rumors are already starting about what the changes may be. TODAY’s digital lifestyle contributor Mario Armstrong offered his perspective, as well as other new tech items to watch for.

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>> article that iphone wants to come out with a bigger screen. samsung has been doing it forever.

>> and doing it very well. the thing is, a lot of people are buying bigger screens, watching streaming videos, looking at documents, want a bigger window. the iphone has the same screen size , about four inches, since 2012 . it hasn't changed. this one in comparison is, the samsung is 5.7 inches.

>> that's almost a tablet.

>> i don't know it would fit in my pocket.

>> you look a little awkward maybe when you're holding it.

>> it's a great looking phone.

>> the big deal is this, in the asian market , apple just did a deal there with iphone distribution. they're all using big screen phones. that's one of the biggest things we will see in the u.s.

>> all devices come with built-in calendar programs. you have one that takes it to the new level.

>> this is mynd. real quickly, you see the visual display of my calendar. at any given time, i can go into my calendar and actually see all of my events for the day. i'll pull up all the events. you say there's nothing different about that than any other calendar. i can get drive time , real traffic conditions from one meeting to the next. i'll know, mario, you need to leave now because the app is telling you you're going to be late for your upcoming meeting. called mynd.

>> available for all platforms?

>> apple right now.

>> let's walk over here. you and i don't normally talk clothing. why are we talking about this clothing?

>> it's a new men's wear line made by ministry of supply . these are scientists from m.i.t. that made fashion. you say, wait, m.i.t. and fashion doesn't come together.

>> got to be a space connection.

>> the first thing, this particular dress shirt is made from nasa materials to help regulate your body temperature. lots of cold weather going on right now, this is great, won't even need an undershirt.

>> breathable stuff.

>> breathable stuff. the sweatshirt has ventilated armpits. feel inside the pockets on their pants here.

>> really?

>> they look like slacks, but the inside feel like sweat pants , very, very comfortable. the whole idea is can you wear this at business and at work and be comfortable throughout the day.

>> works summer and winter.

>> these are chinos that are went resistant as well as summer resistant.

>> this scene keeps the dress shirt tucked in.

>> that's big. that's m.i.t. stuff.

>> i'm trying to make the men look good for the ladies.

>> mario armstrong, fashion expert.