TODAY   |  January 26, 2014

French pres. says he’s splitting from partner

After weeks of speculation about his personal life, French president Francois Hollande says he’s splitting from his partner, Valerie Trierweiler. NBC’s Duncan Golestani reports.

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>>> after weeks of speculation about his personal life , french president francois hollande says he's splitting with his long-time girlfriend. duncan goll stan any has the details.

>> reporter: the french president and his first lady beginning their lives apart. two weeks after a tabloid reported he was having an affair with an actress, judy guy yeah. hollande called a french news agency saying i am making it known that i have put achb end to the relationship.

>> his international agenda is very full including an upcoming visit to dwrunt states. he can't afford it to be polluted with negative focus on his private life .

>> two weeks ago a tabloid magazine posted photos of him visiting his mistress. shortly after she checked into for exhaustion while he failed to confirm if she was still first lady, promising to clear up confusion before a state visit next month. the couple had been together for seven years and never married. in relaxed france, that was okay. so, too, was the affair. the biggest debate is whether the public had a right to know. this woman says he can do what he wants, it's his life. trier whiler treated a message about her emotional departure with staff at the presidential palace . some in france now wondering who might take her place. duncan goll stan any, nbc news, london.