TODAY   |  January 26, 2014

David Gregory: Sochi will be a ‘hard target to penetrate’

With the Sochi Olympic Games just 12 days away, tensions are high amid threats of terrorism. However, David Gregory of NBC’s “Meet the Press” reports there will be a heightened level of cooperation between security forces to make sure athletes and spectators are safe.

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>>> david gregory is moderator of "meet the press" and joins us this morning. good morning.

>> good morning, america.

>> we've heard about the new threat. we heard from the state department and department of defense about the threat, about concerns for americans headed there. when it comes to cooperation between the u.s. and russia, how important is it that there be some cooperation?

>> i think it's very important. i expect it to be there. remember vladimir putin is at a high level of awareness and concern about anything going wrong for these games. you look at that security blimp that keir talked about. there's also one in afghanistan that is high above kabul. you talk about how to harden a target, and i think that security perimeter around the games is a very hard target to penetrate. it doesn't mean that there's not significant worry and a potential threat there, but i think that with the president speaking to the russian president this week, i think there's going to be a pretty high level of cooperation and anticipation.

>> the president stateside is preparing to address the country with the state of the union . there is already some speculation as to what will be in that speech. we're hearing it will be somewhat moderate in terms of a plan. but he is going to lay out an agenda. at this time last year his approval rating was much higher, 53%. it's now at 42%. as he lays out that agenda, how important is it to be measured, especially in an election year if he wants to get anything done?

>> well, i think he doesn't want to be measured when it comes to defining democrats versus republicans. that's the great thing he can add to this debate is to say to the democrats, we have an agenda, a plan for more economic rekov ri to make sure no one is left behind . also to be thinking about the midterm elections. i think it's a real question, how much persuasive punch he's got left. i think that's going to be tested. what's working in his favor, the budget wars have cooled little bit. there may be some momentum for immigration reform among republicans. look for an outstretched hand in at least those couple areas when he tries to create sharp distinctions in other areas.

>> quickly, will we hear much about obama care?

>> he's got to do it. he's got a big audience he can speak to directly and make the case for why in his view it's working and why it will continue to work. that's a case he's got to make.

>> david gregory , nice to see