TODAY   |  January 25, 2014

TODAY visits the country’s biggest arts and crafts fair

The crafting industry is worth $30 billion, and the annual arts and crafts fair in Anaheim, Calif., brings thousands of crafters and vendors together to make all kinds of DIY projects. TODAY’s Joelle Garguilo reports.

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>>> our friends in the orange room . we are back with a look at a creative industry that is no longer just for kids.

>> you may put on arts and crafts for your little ones , or maybe you remember making projects when you were younger, but these days, a lot of adults are taking part, as joelle garguilo found out.

>> yeah, guys. i had no idea just how big of an industry this is. it's a $30 billion industry just here in the u.s. that's huge!

>> crazy.

>> crazy! but as i found out at the annual arts and crafts expo in anaheim, california, crafting -- ooh, excuse me -- requires a whole lot of patience and some skill, too. crafting, the activity or hobby of making decorative articles by hand. an art form having a major moment in the spotlight. 62.5 million people got in on crafting last year, making up a $30 billion industry.

>> it was a lot of crafting going on. this is the crafting hobby association's largest trade show , the biggest global event for creativity and crafting. we have 8,000 attendees, over 400 exhibitors showing you the newest and latest.

>> reporter: among them, one noncrafter, yep, that's me. but how much crafting can one do? gorgeous. oh, let us count the ways, from jewelry-making -- and now i've got a necklace. i found this sweet. to father's favorite stick-all.

>> so cool!

>> reporter: and knitting that leaves needles behind.

>> pull it through.

>> reporter: okay.

>> grab.

>> reporter: grab.

>> pull.

>> reporter: just hanging with my hand-knitting homies over here. what do you think about this?

>> i think it looks like the swamp thing.

>> reporter: oh, is that a knitting term?

>> you look kind of amazing!

>> reporter: i think i love it.

>> oh, my gosh!

>> reporter: there are projects that get you messy, some that give you hope. i hope this banner of hope brings hope to other people. and ones that leave you wanting more. i have not been picking up on everything so well today. something tells me i'm going to be a pro at this. why craft? according to a recent study, the top reasons include relaxation, a feeling of personal accomplishment and a creative outlet. after a day of education, it came down to this, the real test of my inner craftista. and this is what you call a masterpiece. because art truly is in the eyes of the beholder. i think that picture was fabulous, don't you guys think so?

>> i think it was fabulous. it was an interesting topic of discussion in our meeting yesterday.

>> well, i didn't come back empty-handed.

>> oh, hey!

>> i made you guys some things. lester, i think this would look wonderful on you.

>> yeah, if the '60s come back, that's going to be great.

>> we started doing friday workouts as a team, lesser. there you go.

>> i can wear it to our next workout.

>> and i made you these socks.

>> i will wear these for the next workout, if you wear that.

>> and for jenna and dylan. and the cool thing is this.

>> oh, i want that!

>> you do?

>> did you really use your arms to knit this?

>> i did, the woman told me it looked like the swamp thing, but apparently, that's a positive term.

>> it's cold outside. i'll take whatever i can get. swamp thing works.

>> but in all honeshonesty, with web websites like pinterest.

>> that looks fun. i know people who knit because it gives them an outlet.

>> these relieved a lot of stress.

>> i feel like i'm back at summer camp .

>> go with all the bright orange and green shoes that are out there.

>> exactly. i'm keeping this one, though jrvesion that is you. i'm not surprised you did well with the bedazzler. thank you.

>> thanks, guys.