TODAY   |  January 25, 2014

Beyoncé, Jay-Z top Billboard’s Power 100 list

Superstars Beyoncé and Jay-Z are enjoying the spotlight at the top of Billboard’s annual Power 100 list. As for what’s next for the couple, TODAY’s Lola Ogunnaike predicted they will get into philanthropy, saying, “Expect them to be the Bill and Melinda Gates of hip hop one day.”

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>>> from some big performances expected at the grammys to the most powerful couple in music, we're covering a lot this morning in "today's hollywood headlines."

>> and lola is here to take us through it all. good morning.

>> good morning!

>> nice to see you. we always look for surprises at the grammys. one of the rumored ones is that madonna will perform.

>> madonna is indeed performing.

>> indeed performing, okay.

>> it was confirmed last night, so yeah, lady madge will be in the house. i expect her to address the recent controversy with her using the "n" word. she instagramed a photo of her son, said that "n" word. she said it was a term of endearment . the public didn't agree. expect her performance to have some political undertones.

>> is she going to sing with someone else or solo?

>> i think she's performing solo. imagine is a solo act, unless it's, of course, sir paul mccartney , who's also in the house.

>> it will be interesting to see. i'm guessing jay z and beyonce will be on hand. they just had another honor bestowed upon them by billboard. they are now officially, according to billboard, a power music custom, so there's not much they can do.

>> they are indeed the king and queen of music officially. billboard put them on top of their power 100 list. there is nothing they can't do. last year, hit tours for both of them, hit albums for both of them, and they both single handedly redefined how you release an album. jay z gave his away free to samsung users and beyonce decided to keep the best-kept secret ever and release it one night in late december , no publicity, no one knew it was coming, just bam, dropped the mike, beyonce .

>> so, they've done it all, so what else is left for them to do?

>> well, i predict they'll have another child, because they're both loving miss blue ivy and they said they want her to have a sibling. and i also think they'll get into more philanthropic work. expect them to be the bill and melinda gates of hip-hop one day.

>>> let's talk about jonah hill , up for an oscar nomination, but "the wolf of wall street " performance, while almost oscar-worthy, did it for almost nothing in hollywood terms, $60,000, while others would get millions.

>> and to put that in perspective, $60,000 for a few months, for mere mortals, that is great.

>> but in hollywood terms.

>> that's peanuts. leonardo dicaprio made $10 million for his work in "the wolf of wall street ." so, $60,000 is peanuts. but the adage, short-term sacrifice, long-term gain proved to be true here. he not only got a nomination, but he got to work with his idol, scorsesie, and he's set to be working again with him in the future, so a win-win for jonah.

>> and he's at "snl" hosting tonight.

>> he will kill it. awesome last week and jonah hysterical, great comedic timing.

>> they're having a great season. they really are.

>> you know it will be great when lester holt hosts.

>> yeah, well --

>> yes, we're working on that one.

>> he's going to slow jam the news.

>> slow jam , there you go. lola, always nice to see you. thank you.