TODAY   |  January 25, 2014

Dylan brings plaza visitors in from the cold

“Welcome inside, where everyone wants to be today,” said TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer, who welcomed guests from the plaza into Studio 1A to warm up in the Orange Room.

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>> a final check of the weather from dylan. and the good news is, after much protest from everyone here in the studio, dylan was allowed to stay inside and bring some friends.

>>> i did not want to go back outside, so we brought everyone in here. and you know, there was only a few of you, so welcome inside! and now your signs don't really make that much sense because you're not shivering anymore. so, this is good.

>> nice to have you!

>> thank you, guys!

>> but welcome to the orange room and welcome inside, where everyone wants to be today, because it is so cold out here. but we've also got some snow showers . a few flurries so far in new york city , but we also have some snow filling in through parts of kentucky, through parts of ohio, moving into the western areas like northwestern pennsylvania and western new york . it's this first clipper system. by 5:00, we should be seeing it snowing pretty good in parts of new england, and then this second storm system redevelops as we go into minneapolis and chicago tomorrow morning , into tomorrow afternoon. that one's also going to produce some more accumulating snow, especially right off the great lakes. because of this northwest wind , that lake-effect enhancement to the snow will produce perhaps as much as 9 to 12 inches in erie, pennsylvania, also in parts of southwestern michigan, and we are looking for 3 to 6 inches elsewhere, just with these quick clipper systems that move through, so we'll keep an eye on that throughout the day.