TODAY   |  January 25, 2014

DOW sees worst week in more than two years

It was a brutal week for Wall Street, with stocks plummeting more than 300 points in one week. Some of the reasons for the decline come from outside the U.S., with concerns regarding emerging markets. CNBC’s Sara Eisen reports.

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>>> turning now to business news, the stock market had a tough week, to put it mildly. the dow closing down more than 300 points on friday. cnbc's sara eisen is here this morning to help walk us through what all of this means. sara , good morning.

>> good morning. it certainly was a brutal week for wall street . on friday, the dow closed down more than 300 points. on the week, it lost more than 3.5%. but put it in perspective, because it certainly has been running strong. last year we know was a strong year. the dow closed up 26%. so, the question is, is this the week, the start of something more scary, a correction, perhaps? interestingly enough, some of the reasons behind the decline come from outside the united states . investors are concerned about china, for one, the world's second biggest economy, starting to slow down from that super fast economic growth that we had been seeing. they're also concerned about places like argentina and ukraine, places that have their own unique economic and political problems that are a growing concern for the global economy and for all of wall street . and you can add to that some disappointing earnings from big consumer companies like mcdonald's, for one. a lot of the retailers also struggled with the holiday season . best buy earnings not such a bright spot. so, the question is, will this get worse in the next week? there are a lot of key earnings to keep an eye on. apple reports. google will be reporting. and there's a federal reserve meeting that a lot of traders are going to be watching very closely, starting on tuesday with an announcement on wednesday, erica.

>> all right, we'll be looking at that, too, and following along with you on cnbc, sara . thanks.