TODAY   |  January 25, 2014

iPhone vs. BlackBerry: What your phone says about you

Historically, the iPhone user is someone more creative and style conscious, while BlackBerry people are focused on work, messaging and email. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe investigated what’s behind the choices consumers make.

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>> that, we do. the four of us are pretty active on social media , also pretty active on our phones, so when jenna tweeted out a picture last week during a commercial break, it got a lot of people talking.

>> that's my cue. speaking of talking, i'm going to start doing that right now. hey, guys. so, this is a picture i tweeted out. we put all our cell phones on the desk and took a picture of it, said "what do you mean we have too many cell phones between us ?" well, that started a twitter conversation. turns out, people are pretty vocal about the phone they use, and that got us thinking. it was a weekend tweet that ignited a conversation in twitt twittersphere. what do you mean we have too many cell phones between us ? the picture, four iphones and a blackberry. the comments came pouring in immediately. "who is old school with the blackberry?" "omg, a blackberry? they still exist?" they do, and that one belongs to our very own erica hill .

>> all right, so, i have both. no, it's not because i have a hard time making decisions, it's because they both serve a purpose. this is my personal phone and this is my work phone. and let me tell you, when it's cold outside, this keyboard really comes in handy, because even if i have texting gloves, if i can't feel my fingers, they don't work.

>> reporter: with so much talk about our devices, it got me thinking, what do our phones really say about us? according to, if you've got an iphone likeliester, like dylan, like mua, you are probably the creative type. a blackberry? [ clearing throat ] erica. you want to be taken seriously by your peers.

>> "people" magazine's here.

>> uh, thanks.

>> reporter: if the android tickles your fancy, apparently, you scoff at those who only use their phones for making calls and text messaging . you probably grew up a total nerd. their words, not mine. now, there's more than one opinion on the matter.

>> i think it's increasingly hard to judge somebody by their phone these days. historically, the iphone user has been somebody who is a little more creative, somebody who's a little style-conscious and somebody who wants to get the newest apps first. android user's probably a little more adventurous. blackberry users are certainly all about work. it really is a person who's focused on messaging, e-mail and not much else.

>> all right, so, we are constantly moving forward with technology. i thought on this very chilly saturday, we would take a move back. bam! do you remember this?

>> yeah.

>> this is like the " saved by the bell " years. this thing weighs about 37 pounds. you held it up here, and there's no doubt, things were going through your head, some kind of waves or something. but this was all the rage. do you remember when this was, like, the cat's meow?

>> gordon gekko .

>> we have come a very long way, guys.

>> my favorite phone, i used to have that motorola startack?

>> the startack!

>> whoa, come back, come back.

>> that's not the startack.

>> but i had one of those to go along with my iphone so i could do like data stuff here and --

>> i liked the razr for a while, the motorola razr .

>> yeah, that's nice. but that's what i do with both, you call or you search on this one and call on this one.

>> but i have two iphones for that.

>> i do, too. i left one upstairs.

>> people make fun of me, but --

>> it means you're doubly cool.

>> that's what i'm thinking.

>> or doubly creative.

>> this is one's old, though, so i have to upgrade.

>> we'll get calls complaining, noniphone users.