TODAY   |  January 25, 2014

‘Far from over’: Bitter cold grips country

“It’s even cold by winter standards,” said TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer. Arctic air is expected to continue to pass through the country and push eastward, and it’s not expected to let up until possibly the end of January.

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>> it is huge, when you look at the map, a huge section of the country gripped by the cold, including texas, where in a rare move, they had to actually break out the snow shovels and ice scrapers in some areas, or in some cases, whatever they could find just to clear the ice off their cars. that doesn't look safe.

>> it's a similar scene pretty much everywhere, and while it's milder today, it could be a while before we see a break in this bitter weather. dylan is at the map tracking the cold for us, and as you noted, it is far from over.

>> it is far from over, and this is a little colder than we would expect to see in january, so even cold by winter standards. we still have this arctic express, this jet stream that is continuing to just drag down the cold. and even though we are going to get a little bit of a reprieve today, as we go into monday and tuesday and wednesday, that's when that arctic air is going to surge right back in here. so, for monday, let's take a look at some of our temperature departures. we're going to top out around 4 below for a high temperature in bismarck, north dakota . that's 25 degrees below normal. we're 34 degrees below normal in minneapolis with a high of 10 below on monday, 1 in chicago. those are your high temperatures. then tuesday, that colder air starts to shift to the east. we're still at 1 in chicago, 7 in cincinnati, but what's interesting is even how cold it's going to be down south. 51 for a high in jacksonville, florida. that is 14 degrees below normal. and then wednesday continues to push eastward. it's very persistent and it's really not going to let up. until perhaps the end of january. erica?

>> all right, dylan, thanks.