TODAY   |  February 04, 2014

Blogging from war: Soldier writes sports stories

Julius Porter is a U.S. Army soldier who uses his spare time to be a sports blogger, something he says is a mental escape from his constant reality.

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>>> with the super bowl just a week away, baseball's spring training fast approaching and hockey getting ready to play some outside games, there's a lot going on in the sports world these days, and as kerry sanders reports, one brave soldier stationed overseas is keeping a very close eye on it all in a very unique way.

>> reporter: deployments can be high energy , but more often, soldiers not at war but keeping the peace say their days are tedious. no complaints, of course, but 24-year-old julius porter, u.s. army , still always in harm's way, has found a mental escape. that most american obsession with professional sports has become julius 's online passion.

>> my daily soldier life is basically filled with thoughts of sports and topics i can put into this white canvas when the sun goes down.

>> reporter: specialist porter in his off hours is a sports writer.

>> 0500 hours, rise and shine .

>> reporter: his logblog a mix of two worlds.

>> no hot water in the shower, cold. a cold, cold world , like jacksonville's season.

>> you're smiling, because that is the analogy. you live a very parallel life to what's going on in the sports world , don't you?

>> yes. i can compare different things all day.

>> reporter: in many ways, porter writes both worlds require teamwork.

>> in the army, it's exactly the same way. you can't do anything without your brothers and sisters behind you.

>> reporter: his wife back in ft. hood, texas, gave birth to their first child recently. he's yet to meet julius jr., who he says he knows will be a lions fan. and while his wife, daniella, says she's not a sports fan, she reads every word her husband writes.

>> when i read the articles, i can actually hear him saying those words he's writing down.

>> reporter: it's not easy for a native of detroit deployed in uniform to ask his favorite sports team 's president a question, but then again, it's not impossible.

>> tom, do you think we'll be able to draft sammy watkins , and how do you think he will fit in our organization?

>> well, julius , you know, there are a lot of talented players out there. the key for us now is coach caldwell on board, is to make sure that we have that right road map .

>> reporter: julius porter, a soldier blogging about sports battles from a real battlefield. for "today," kerry sanders , nbc news, miami.