TODAY   |  January 24, 2014

Cheers! Sip on these wines for $16 or less

Food & Wine magazine’s Ray Isle and Wine for Women’s Leslie Sbrocco show off a collection of affordable red and white wines you can enjoy in the winter months.

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>>> there is no better place to be on a cold winter day than bundled up inside with a nice glass of wine.

>> not everywhere in the country is freezing cold. kathie lee is warm somewhere. we're jealous. but wine for wherever you are.

>> here with top picks for $16 or less is our he said/she said duo executive editor for "wine and food magazine" and "wine for women." when you two come on there's always trouble.

>> this is true.

>> you're in your winter mode.

>> i didn't bring my skis. i didn't bring my skis but i did bring some terrific wine. give or take $13 a bottle. it's classic lemon lime character, really crisp, gorgeous for after a ski, after you get off the slopes.

>> or laying on the coahe couch.

>> this has a whisper of sweetness. really affordable and i always say darling it's not how you ski, but how you look skiing.

>> there you go.

>> take an elegant wine. this is from northern italy as well.

>> the bebalucchi. it's from a really beautiful elegant place. and when its says brut on the bottle we're talking about ray.

>> that's right.

>> it means dry. this is a dry wine . so great value.

>> and nice price .

>> spectacular deals.

>> when i think cold i think reds.

>> exactly.

>> and so this is actually a pinot another, it has elegance to it and makes a great winter wine.

>> it does.

>> i'm going to have a little of that.

>> people think of it as very flexible, goes all year-round. th

>> this is --

>> lovely.

>> 12 bucks.

>> i need that.

>> and then --

>> keep drinking.

>> and then if you need more warming up, i brought a wine from southern italy from pulio, you take a sip of it, it's big, red, rich, makes you feel like you're by the mediterranean. it warms up your bones.

>> i love that.

>> i already feel warmed up.

>> i love that.

>> look at these two.

>> look what's going to happen here.

>> there's also island vacations.

>> oh, yeah.

>> you got to --

>> we're taking a cruise with you people.

>> do some summer -- you got to do warmup wines.

>> i love this segment.

>> this is amazing.

>> so now we figure if you're on a cruise, on a vacation, right, you want one of mine.

>> or live in southern california like i do and it's 70 degrees, these are wonderful winter warm weather wines. this is from south africa .

>> it's called the beach house .

>> the beach house . it's a terrific new wine from south africa . sauvignon blanc .

>> pino grigio.

>> they scare me but they're good for wine.

>> 9 bucks for a liter. you can take it to the beach if you happy to be on the beach.

>> cold. you know, you can also play beach volleyball with it.

>> keeps you colder.

>> and then more red. a great red for warm weather copacabana. a chilean red blend. the company donates 10% of its gross revenue to charity which is cool.

>> what do we have at the end.

>> from australia. this is from down under. it is a shiraz and it's a terrific wine called the la chill and that crisp elegant style of red. put a little chill on that. gorgeous wine.

>> you would put this in the refrigerator.

>> put this in the fridge.

>> either one you could chill.

>> you two have outdone yourself.

>> i feel like i'm in california.

>> i love the vibe. all