TODAY   |  January 24, 2014

Hoda: I had cold feet walking down the aisle

TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and guest co-host Jenna Bush Hager chat about a new wedding trend, in which couples are purchasing left-at-the-altar-insurance. Looking back, Hoda says she had cold feet at the altar when she got married, but passed it off as nerves.

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>> we made it to the end of the week you guys. it is try day friday, january 24th , 2014 . me and you girl.

>> not we.

>> did it kind of fly a little?

>> it flew in a great way. i had a lot of fun.

>> it's a fun show.

>> it sure is.

>> we should point out it is friday, people are normally in a good mood. here's something you should try today, january 249s according to sources is national compliment day.

>> you're supposed to give five people a compliment today.

>> yes.

>> i'm going to start with you.

>> okay. go ahead.

>> start our day off right.

>> yes.

>> hoda, if you guys don't know this, is nice to every single person she meets.

>> oh.

>> it's such a good -- somebody over there laugh like you don't believe us?

>> everybody was like --

>> she is.

>> i'm hearing joanne.

>> that is so rude. i was going to give you a compliment. forget it. next was going to be you.

>> here's jenna 's compliment. you guys know jenna , obviously, from being on this show. jenna is exactly the way she is on the show, the way she is when she arrives in the makeup room, the way she speaks to everyone. you are identical.

>> i was going to say, some people may like that.

>> what's funny, i was reading this book a long time ago called "living, loving and learning" and they always talk about if you say something nice to somebody you feel better. i was in a mall and i said, i'm going to -- when i feel something. sometimes you like someone's outfit but walk by --

>> yeah.

>> i walked up to somebody at the ice cream thing. i want to tell you something, you have the most incredible -- i have to tell you weirdly i felt so good. never forget it. must have been 15 years ago when i did that.

>> my mom used to say when we were little if we had something nice to say about something, you're never going to regret it. why would you regret telling somebody the way you feel when it's good.

>> compliment.

>> go out find your five people. make one of them a stranger.

>> i think it's better when they're a stranger.

>> somebody is going to be shocked when hoda comes up and like -- i love you.

>> i do that anyway.

>> that's true.

>> a new trend in insurance, all right. so people are getting married and they are getting what is called altar insurance. so just in case.

>> just in case. first of all if there's bad weather or obvious cancellations because of illness or whatever. that's one realm of it.

>> right.

>> the other realm of it.

>> change of heart .

>> cold feet .

>> change of heart insurance. we know that movie " runaway bride " with julia roberts .

>> i love it. let's watch a little.

>> please, no cameras now. could we hold off photos until the end of the ceremony, thank you.

>> oh.

>> we are gathered here today --

>> no.

>> where is she going?

>> don't.

>> lock the door! the doors!

>> lock the doors!

>> i love that movie.

>> i know. it's so much fun. but yes, so how would you feel, do you think, if you were left on the aisle?

>> if i was left at the altar i would be very upset but it would be weirder if me and my fiance were planning our wedding and do you have insurance, the kind in case someone panics at the last second? i think that would be a terrible, terrible feeling.

>> if you're talking about buying the change of heart insurance, my advice.

>> yeah.

>> don't get paired.

>> don't get married.

>> marriage is for a long time. if you already know before you have to walk down the aisle.

>> did you have cold feet before you walked down?

>> i did not have cold feet at all. i also dated henry for five years.

>> you knew him well.

>> i dated him while he was in business and i was in latin america . we had long distance, lived close to each other.

>> he knew --

>> you knew it.

>> he told me he loved me after like three months.

>> he did? did you reciprocate right away.

>> oh, yeah right away.

>> you did?

>> i love you too. don't you want to get married.

>> you did that after three months?

>> i was like 12 -- not really. 24. but still, young.

>> yeah.

>> i said don't you want to get married? the poor guy was like --

>> you know what's funny, i do think cold feet is one thing and then real jitters or really when something is wrong, because i've known a lot of people whose marriages haven't lasted and you remember right when you're getting ready to walk down the aisle you have a weird feeling.

>> yeah.

>> it's beyond cold feet .

>> it's not nervousness. it's something -- everything is already in motion. you're like oh, my god --

>> you feel bad for the family that's flown there. did you have that feeling?

>> you know what? i did. i had a sort of like i knew before, i think, but i kept -- you know, if you're an optimist you can write things off as i'm just nervous. but if you really were to examine it and think about your life white make you --

>> look back and think.

>> i'm really depressed.

>> happy friday.

>> so anyway f you broke up in january with your loved one you're like a lot of people. everyone breaks up in january.

>> it's so true. you know why? christmas is over. the holidays are done, you've gotten over the person and you've already gone --

>> some of you just want a date for new year's eve and it's over, good-bye.

>> before valentine's get there. you don't have to buy another present.

>> that's so bad what you just said. a valentine's present is chocolate.

>> roses. those things can be kind of expensive.

>> anyway, your family has gotten to know your loved ones and sometimes over the holidays you get to know it, so that is the end of that.

>> breakup to --

>> breakup for people. but here's the truth, they say when there is a breakup, they say that men have a much more difficult time with a breakup than women do. i'm not sure if it's because women are more sensitive and probably felt that it was coming so it's not such a shock.

>> yeah.

>> guys apparently when you break up with them are totally blown away because they thought everything --

>> totally shocked?

>> yeah. i think they overestimate how into them they think we are.

>> yeah. exactly.

>> they're like wait, i thought everything was perfect? you're like, no, no, we're not connecting in the least.

>> that's true. although i will say i have had friends that have been devastated by breakups. outwardly. women much more show their emotions. i've had friends literally that have not been able to go to work or if they go to work they've cried when they're there. men are so -- they're sometimes scared to trust their emotions. even though they could be broken on the inside they have the smile on the outside.

>> they're much better at faking it.

>> exactly.

>> it can be devastating. i mean when you --

>> get your heart broken. who was the first boy that broke your heart?

>> i'm not thinking of the first boy but one that happened and it was like a weird thing because i've never said to somebody, choose me.

>> yeah. and you said it?

>> i said it. i've never done it in my life and i said it.

>> that is an amazing soap opera .

>> he did not.

>> he didn't choose you.

>> it was so hard to be that girl and to say, look, just pick me and here are the reasons. it's such a weird -- it's so not my nature do that and i did it.

>> and now he's sitting somewhere in middle america kicking himself in the shin. look at this body. you're missing out, my man. whoever you are.

>> oh, yes. all right. just -- wait. there was a good social cue thing that "the new york times" did.

>> yes.

>> i love phil 's column.

>> it's amazing.

>> this one was if a friend of yours -- i guess this girl had a friend and her friend hadn't had a romantic relationship, 20 years old and dressed kind of sl sluby i guess and asking phil can i help her?

>> let me make you over.

>> let me make you over.

>> and phil said --

>> no.

>> what do you think?

>> have you ever made over a friend?

>> i haven't ever made over a friend because i'm usually the one they're like hey, but if -- but the way i would do it if i did it, i would buy the friend a dress.

>> yeah.

>> i would say oh, my god.

>> this looks amazing on you.

>> i found this dress, i thought you would look great on it. want to try it on.

>> or suddenly goy to a great hairdresser, come with me, let's make it a girl day.

>> are you offended if someone says to you, jenna , i was thinking this might be -- maybe you should --

>> social media is a crazy thing because even just now, i read somebody say --

>> what did they say?

>> you need better undergarments.

>> i'm not sure if that meant things were hanging low or is things were hanging out.

>> oozing over.

>> or over or where i was oozing exactly.

>> people -- were you self-conscious after that?

>> maybe a little late because i was squeezing into this undergarment. you know --

>> people do tell you everything.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> on twitter. it's a little embarrassing sometimes.

>> i read some tweets this week.

>> got some good ones.

>> i looked marvelous, which thank you. i mean it was a compliment.

>> i looked marvelous and not to worry i would lose those extra pounds once i started chasing mila around. this is the thing. i feel like i've lost most of the extra pounds but maybe i have more to lose.

>> people say everything.

>> and i actually don't find it offensive.

>> i don't either.

>> i really don't.

>> laugh about it.

>> the woman was so sweet. she said i looked marvelous.

>> and then you stopped reading.

>> all right. we're going to real quick, the bras do this every year, they ask for donated jejly worn bras because bras are extensive.

>> yes.

>> if you're trying to get out into the working world there's a domestic violence shelter.

>> a lot donate clothes but forget to donate gently used bras.

>> the national network to end domestic violence is raising funds and they're collecting bras. go to for more info.

>> we have a little soma great.

>> fail.

>> epic failure.

>> don't you hate when people tweet that. epic failure. i stumbled. got to go to johnson 's baby of the week. this week, we are doing a very special winter edition of johnson 's baby of the week with babies up to a year old and the cutest cold weather outfits. first one is hudson nolan jefferys. born in cleveland, ohio, june 14th . this picture was taken on the day he got to touch snow for the first time. his parents jennifer and michael say their son has already learned to flirt with the big blue eyes.

>> and now on to baby born in royal oak , michigan. brooklyn marie carmichael about to celebrate her first birthday. her parents say their 5-year-old son brennan is already an amazing big brother and their daughter is the happiest baby in the world.

>> next is little boy born in little rock , arkansas, named call leb rock allen . his name follows the tradition in the family. his parents names have five letters each in the first, middle and last name.

>> our final baby johnson of the week is elliott alexander ellis . born in minnesota. on october 18th . hope i got that right.

>> edina.

>> okay. mom missy says he's a great baby. already sleeping through the night. can't believe he did that. she says his picture was taken the first time he played in the snow.

>> congrats to all of our babies. if you want to submit your baby to be a baby of the week go to

>> i'm doing that next week.

>> you know you have some