TODAY   |  January 24, 2014

Quick and easy Italian meal: Whole wheat spaghetti

The Scotto Family shows TODAY some healthier Italian meals that are quick and easy to prepare, like sautéed chicken paillard with vegetable quinoa salad and red wine vinaigrette, and whole wheat spaghetti with broccoli and toasted pine nuts.

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>>> family this weekend, look no further than our lovely family of italian cooking, the first family of italian cooking.

>> that's right. they are lightening things up today.

>> we've got fresco by scotto. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> this is our winter salad.

>> yes.

>> so healthy, kale is in there, green lettuce, and we serve it at the restaurant. so that's how we begin our healthy meal.

>> that's beautiful.

>> here and at the restaurant.

>> let's get into the pasta.

>> now we're doing broccoli. broccoli and whole wheat spaghetti, start with garlic. and basically italian food is very healthy because everything the base is olive oil . but here, i am putting anchovies. you put it in the pan and it dissolves. but don't worry, don't worry, it dissolves.

>> don't worry.

>> gives it a great taste.

>> in goes the broccoli.

>> you want to help me with that spaghetti?

>> of course i do. right in?

>> okay. we put the spaghetti, grated cheese , top it off with the nuts. and who's better than you? nobody.

>> very nice. all right, we've got chicken quinoa.

>> it's like a super food . you and i have been good at losing weight . have we lost weight? really good at losing weight , staying fit, going after it. quinoa is supposed to be that super going after it food.

>> exactly.

>> what we've done is a chicken breast . taking a 6-ounce chicken breast , cut it, open it up and slice it in half.

>> very nice.

>> it's already been done for you. here's your quinoa. we're going to add carrots, celery, radish, perfect.

>> scallions.

>> little scallions, sorry.

>> take a little salt and pepper and a little red wine vinaigrette. you're going to love this. we do this with everything at fresco. we're going to put it on top of this, add a little bit of this, little salad, and we are golden.

>> boom.

>> done.

>> so this is actually called zupa inglese, and translation, english soup and it's neither of the two. and it would normally be like a heavy custard, but we're lightening it up with some low-fat greek yogurt .

>> oh.

>> and we're adding it to our triple cream cheese. and we're going to get this going, and we'll add a little honey and vanilla. vanilla. and then just a little bit of cinnamon.

>> okay.

>> and so, natalie, thank you for helping me. you're going to start to build there.

>> i am.

>> and what we have is store bought pound cake . you can get light pound cake . and we put a little bit of our mixture on top.

>> can you use angel food cake for that?

>> you can. and fresh berries. and at the end, we top it off with a little drizzle of honey.

>> that looks delicious.

>> and isn't that nice? it's not exactly low calorie , but we've lightened it up a little bit.

>> this is gorgeous.

>> when you do a professional job.

>> the honey, just to top it off. and what's nice is you could make it ahead of time, put it in the refrigerator, serve it whenever you'd like.

>> low-fat yogurt, it is not low fat , right?

>> it is not.

>> but it is lower fat than all --

>> wow. wow.

>> all right. yeah.

>> right on.

>> bring that to sochi. you're going to make a lot of friends.

>> we love you, scottos. the recipes on also survival