TODAY   |  January 24, 2014

Shop like a fashion editor for under $100

InStyle magazine editors join TODAY to show their budget-friendly fashion favorites for this winter, including a white Zara skirt, LC Lauren Conrad corduroy pants that have a slimming effect, and a traditional Old Navy button-down top.

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>>> we are back at 8:51 with how you can have style on a budget. they are all editors at "in style" magazine, which means they're good at shopping. ladies, good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> good morning.

>> you've got gorgeous models in their shapewear, but not for long. amy, can you really find a good outfit for under $100? something that we might see "in style"?

>> absolutely. with all the fashion and online shopping , it's never been easier to find an amazing steal.

>> let's start getting katelyn dressed. looks like monochromatic here.

>> exactly. i've been in the winter white look. my motto is white is the new black. super chic, so easy to pull off. and really this skirt is only $59.99. and you can see it's a very flattering a-line cut, easy for anyone to pull off. it's also slightly heavier fabric which is a key consideration in the winter because you don't want to go out into the polar vortex wearing a cotton t-shirt. look for chunky knit like this one we found from h & m .

>> you wear black to try to, you know, figure flatter.

>> right.

>> is that a smith?

>> it's a little bit of a myth in the sense that anyone can wear that look. monochromatic is always going to be flattering. if you feel self-conscious, you can wear dark pant and white jacket .

>> thank you so much. let's move on over to isabelle. what did you look for?

>> well, i was very much interested in the varsity look, which is traditionally very cozy, classic, good for polar vortex . and we're going to start with the cords. i'm going to help her get dressed. you can always do something in a khaki, it's more casual. i love these, these are lauren conrad from kohl's for $22. it's instantly going to dress up the look.

>> yeah. velvety? they kind of look like it.

>> it's a narrow cord. so that's -- it has a slimming effect because the thicker the cord, the thicker the effect. and then we have a button down, a crisp button down, something to echo the preppiness of the vibe.

>> yeah.

>> and then as she buttons that up and tucks it in -- this is so challenging.

>> i know. it's even more challenging for her.

>> it's all under $100. the shirt is $24 from old navy. and then we have this great varsity jacket , which does have sort of retro connotations. it's $32. what you want to do is look for fabrication that's a little bit more modern. so in this case, leather like trim, shiny integration.

>> this varsity, look, literally like a varsity jacket ?

>> yeah, so traditionally this would be a very casual look , but as you can see sort of with the way we have it but it's a little bit more fallish, you can wear this to the office. these are from kohl's and you've got a nice polished look.

>> super cute, thank you. we'll leave you two. good job. now you're kind of doing a day tonight thing, i think.

>> i am. i have a lot of tricks going on here. my trend i love is crop top . you know, might sound a little bit scary.

>> for some of us.

>> but if kerry washington can pull one off at the s.a.g. awards, anyone can do it. i found this dress it's $40. and what i love about it, it's great for evening.

>> that's a very versatile dress. looks good just alone.

>> only just $40. we're going to put the crop top over the dress.

>> no bare mid drift.

>> no, that's the key. pair it with something high-waisted like this and it will look very flattering.

>> all right.

>> and we're going to put boots on. i'm going to help her get into the boots.

>> oh, yeah. i love those boots. okay. we'll have you stand up we have a few seconds left. you can stand on one. ladies, thank you so much. all of these are great, all of

>>> from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker ,