TODAY   |  January 24, 2014

Deep freeze hits Texas

Treacherous travel conditions hit Texas as a winter storm spread, leaving the state in an icy mess. Multiple flights have been canceled and frigid temperatures are set to linger. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports.

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>> right now where it's a real mess. that's where janet is. janet?

>> reporter: al, good morning, it is a mess. in southeast texas , we have freezing rain and heavy sleet here in houston , snow north of here in huntsville. and when you get these conditions this far south, it is crippling. to give you an idea, the last time this region saw any measurable snow was december of 2009 . the massive houston school system has closed for the day, a rare snow day in this region. hundreds of other schools have closed, as well. and last night, the airlines started canceling flights into houston . this is a major hub for united airlines . that's going to have repercussions across the country today. there is ice in san antonio , snow in corpus christie and beaumont. and while it usually gets better in the morning, al, right now, the temperature is still falling.

>> that's right. that 32-degree line is right there. they don't have salt spreaders, putting down rock for traction. 33,000 airline cancellations this month. that's more than 2012 , 2013 combined. we're not done with january yet.

>> my goodness. long, hard winter.