TODAY   |  January 23, 2014

Ambush Makeover: Daughters stunned by stylish mom

Stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin give a deserving woman a stunning style makeover with a Maggy London striped dress that prompted her daughters to say, “Oh my God!” Her sister-in-law got a “professional” makeover after a 22-year work hiatus.

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>>> we are back with more of "today" on this thursty thursday with miss jenna bush hager , nice enough to fill in all week while kathie lee has been out. enjoying yourself?

>> enjoying the cold and fun and i get to be here for the amazing plaza "ambush makeovers." when two lucky ladies are treated to brand-new looks from head to toe .

>> love them. working their magic as always, "today" contribute or and stylist to the stars louis licari. jenna bush knows. and "today" contributor and contributing editor for "people style watch" and author jill martin.

>> author.

>> how was it outside?

>> cold.

>> yes.

>> cold, bitter cold. and -- but amazingly there was still a crowd there and we even had today on this coldest day had to turn people away.

>> they come out for you guys.

>> i know.

>> it is freezing. it is thursday, i go i know why, you two. here we go. flavia bader, the last time she wore makeup was at her wedding 15 years ago. she said she was nervous but excited to get glammed up today. let's listen to her story.

>> well, i saved them from the cold and julia , you seem excited about this for your mom.

>> yes.

>> okay. tell me why.

>> she's always casual and i've never seen her in makeup.

>> never seen her dressed up. and what do you think about this? do you think ural you'll be freaked out when mommy comes out looking dressed up?

>> yes.

>> you ready for all this?

>> yes. a little nervous. but, yeah.

>> okay. we're excited. she's here with julia and jessica. she's also here with her sister-in-law kim , our next " ambush makeover " candidate. kids, please keep your blindfolds on for a second. here is flavia before. all right, girl. let's see the new you.

>> wow, wow. okay. get ready to take off your blindfolds, kids.

>> look at you.

>> can you believe it.

>> what do you think of your mom, guys?

>> you ready?

>> turn around.

>> oh, my gosh. it is very stylish.

>> you look beautiful.

>> oh, my goodness.

>> look at camera 12.

>> what did you do?

>> flavia is a runner, i wanted to keep it simple . i made the color closer to the original color, a little bright and a little red and clashed with the tones of her skin. i also gave her this great haircut, shorter in the back, longer in the front. the fringe, look how stylish and sexy that fringe is.

>> the kids are in shock. julia , jessica, what do you think? it is your mom. can you believe it?

>> how does she look?

>> amazing.

>> that dress, wow.

>> she's like i've never worn anything like this. so i thought, let's go bold. it is by maggie london and the trick is when you run horizontal stripes , you see the panel that will give you shape.

>> all right. big round of applause for flavia . join your daughters and we'll ask you to face the wall, because --

>> if you wouldn't mind, and the girls can put the blindfolds back on.

>> now we have her sister-in-law, kim . she's from knoxville, tennessee and she says after a 22-year hiatus from working, she's going back to work. and so she really wants a new look to change what this chapter of life. so --

>> let's listen to her story.

>> let's listen to it.

>> now it is your aunt's turn. when i asked you if you wanted a makeover, you took off your hat to show everybody.

>> boing.

>> so tell me the look you're hoping for.

>> i'm hoping for a more professional look.

>> okay. so are you excited, nerve snoous?

>> i'm excited.

>> guys what do you think?

>> i don't know.

>> speechless.

>> this is going to be dramatic, i promise.

>> don't know what to think, but they're really not going to know what to think when they see their aunt come out. so if you guys will stay with your backs turned, can we have --

>> one last look at kim .

>> and now have miss kim come on out.

>> oh, my gosh! gorgeous. really beautiful.

>> hold on, hold on.

>> turn around, girls.

>> no way!

>> who are you? oh, your hair looks fantastic! oh, my gosh. we have to make her keep this up. my brother is going to faint.

>> what about you?

>> what do you think, kim ?

>> i -- who is that? oh, my -- lord have mercy.

>> stay right there.

>> the trick here is she has curly hair . gave her a pinch of makeup, but emphasized the lashes which opened up her eyes.

>> and let's talk about her dress. it is beautiful.

>> so pretty. this is by maggie london. if you're going to opt for a dress, go with beige rather than black for a little bit of a --