TODAY   |  January 23, 2014

What’s the best pet for your family?

Pet expert Andrea Arden joins TODAY to help you choose the right pet, and says you should consider how much time and financial support you can offer your new addition. Dogs are a high-maintenance pet, and cost $750-$2,000 on annual care. Birds are relatively low-maintenance but noisy.

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>>> you have kids at home, they're begging for a cute little puppy or maybe a little kitten like that but you're worried about who is going to take care of it, right?

>> you may be right, though not every pet is perfect for every family. i want to say i just rescued the perfect dog. he's a beagle mix.

>> here is what you need to know to make the right choice of the receipt animal for you. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> all these animals are available for adoption at the new york animal rescue in brooklyn.

>> great. if a family is considering adopting, rescuing, what's the first thing to consider?

>> i think the first thing you just said it is just because an animal is available for adoption doesn't mean it's appropriate for your family. it's not just that your kids want a guinea pig or a puppy, you have to look at what time and financial concerns does it mean for the parents. it is really the parents who take care of it.

>> it's a lot of work and a lot of joy.

>> and also a big financial commitment. think to yourself, should you get a puppy or an adult dog. you got an adult dog, right?

>> he's a year.

>> sometimes that easier because you skip over the house breaking.

>> or can you get a kitten. they can be super playful and super social.

>> and they're so much easier to take care of. you don't have to walk them.

>> and they're a little less expensive in terms of maintenance.

>> and birds.

>> parakeets and cockatiels tend to be the best. you want to make sure they're supervised. if you have an animal in the enclosure, i suggest you don't leave the enclosure in the child's room because you're not there to supervise when they interact.

>> this is one of my favorite animals in the world, a guinea pig . of the pocket pets, mis, guinea pig , gerbils.

>> oh!

>> this is one of the easiest keepers.

>> you shouldn't put your lip in a guinea pig 's mouth.

>> i was thinking that but i'm telling i'm not telling andy cohen that.

>> news you can use --

>> they're generally animals that don't tend to nip a lot. they make adorable noises. i wanted you to hear the little squeal.

>> it's turtle time!

>> this is a tortoise. there's a big difference. hold on tight , hold on tight . turtles are animals that live in water. they eat protein, which means they need to eat meat. turtles don't, they're herb vi herbivores.

>> they're a little on the boring side.

>> ooh!

>> okay.

>> i would agree.

>> it's not doing a lot.

>> look at that turtle.

>> they tend not to bite, which is great. you want to give this one a kiss in.

>> no.

>> i said that on purpose. you really should not kiss reptiles. there is concern of salmonella. you have to wash your hands. that's why you have to be careful with kids in the family. one of the most important things about turtles -- tortoises, i'm sorry, you need to get an appropriate uv light and that can be expensive, $30 to $100.

>> the goldfish are great, they're at the end. we don't have time for that. if you're interested in adopting any of our pets here except julius, our goldfish, you can go to our web site .

>> rescue. it's always about rescuing.