TODAY   |  January 23, 2014

Thinking about a new car? Start planning

Ed Loh, editor-in-chief of Motor magazine joins TODAY to chat about the newest car models from the Detroit Auto Show, like the Mazda 5, a great model for a new family with young kids, or the Dodge Durango, which offers lots of legroom and storage.

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>> now, if you do have a movie pose you want us to strike -- keep it clean, people -- send it to us and we'll do it if possible.

>> if you need a car with more room for your family --

>> or you want a sporty car --

>> we're looking at trends in cars.

>> i think the trend is american-made products. we saw a new corvette, a ford f-150 with a bed and body of aluminum, which is a huge sea change for the industry.

>> everybody wants an aluminum car. and there's a self-driving car, which freaks me out.

>> it freaks out a lot of people, especially lawyers. a lot of manufacturers are deep into research of self-driving vehicles. they're basically say they go could give you a car that drives itself.

>> i would love a self-parallel parking car. i know they're doing that, too. let's talk about family cars . one of the cars you say is a go good one is the mazda 5 .

>> it's kind of off the radar. it's a mini minivan. it's smaller than a regular minivan. you can get it for under $25,000.

>> what car are you recommending for storage and leg room?

>> the dodge durango . you guys might have seen the "anchor man" commercials. it's a really big three row suv, can tow up to 6,000 pounds, seven-seater, great fuel economy . it's really a truly great suv.

>> it drives like a car and not like a truck, right?

>> exactly.

>> for the college age kid looking for a car, an interesting choice, the honda fit , comes in a lot of colors i hear.

>> this was announced at detroit last week. it's really sort of a packaging miracle. can you fold down the seats, have a flat load floor. it's cute, fun, they're claiming 36 miles per hour combined. and it's affordable.

>> we should mention that the honda fit , the last year's model -- the 2014 , i guess this year's model did not perform well in the insurance institute highway safety test.

>> yes.

>> but honda got back to us and said they are making all the suggested changes for the 2015 model.

>> exactly.

>> and might i suggest that this would be the appropriate car for justin bieber to be renting when he goes to miami.

>> it's yellow.

>> no drag racing in this one.

>> what about for empty nesters? what do you recommend for them?

>> you really can't go wrong with the all new ford mustang . this is an american icon, it's 50th anniversary this year, all new lower, longer, leaner, fast car yet great economy, too. and it's a convertible.

>> and anyone going through the mid-life crisis, this is the car here. how much does this one cost?

>> you can get them for $24 thursday, up to 26, 28.

>> that would be the car if you're justin bieber. go american at least. thank you so much.