TODAY   |  January 23, 2014

‘Sizzurp’ alert: ‘This is a very dangerous drug’ 

Doctors are warning of a cough syrup concoction that young people are abusing to get high. Kids are making the mix, which could be deadly, using soda, candy, and prescription cough syrup. Celebrities are glorifying the mix in music. NBC’s Jeff Rossen reports.

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>>> morning the dangerous way some young people are getting high. jeff rossen is here with a warning.

>> good morning to you. it is a dangerous drink that can send you right to the hospital. what's so scary, kids can make it using common household products using soda and candy. as we have seen time and time again, celebrities are glorifying it in music. doctors are issuing an urgent warning after seeing videos like this.

>> you got to start off with the candy --

>> if you've never seen it --

>> all day, that terrific drink.

>> -- chances are your teen-ager has with youtube hits growing. it's called sizzurp , yes, spelled like that, or the purple drink . a mixture of soda and candy for color and mixed with cough sear syrup.

>> it can essentially lead you to stop breathing.

>> the sweetness combined with the drug itself makes people want to have this all day long.

>> and teens keep drinking this like it's juice because it's so sweet?

>> exactly. they keep drinking it until it's almost too late.

>> an overdose?

>> yes.

>> making matters worse, sizzurp is glamourized in songs like this. then there's super star rapper lil wayne who appears to show it off in this documentary. just last year he was rushed to the hospital reportedly after abusing sizzurp .

>> kids are seeing this all over on the internet, seeing their favorite music stars talking and singing about this and then they turn to their home medicine cabinet.

>> reporter: its popularity shining the spotlight on to and a -- teen-age drug use .

>> these are dangerous prescription drugs, whether they're mixed with soft drinks or mixed with jolly ranchers , it doesn't chang that fact. this is within of the more dangerous ways, frankly, to get high.

>> reporter: what's the best advice for parents? experts say be pro active with your kid, talk to them, even if you think to yourself my teen-ager would they ever do that. experts say it's popular at parties and looks harmless. but