TODAY   |  January 22, 2014

Ingenious ideas for organizing your kitchen

Lifestyle expert Elizabeth Mayhew joins Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager to offer easy ways for creating order in your kitchen. Make onions last longer by storing them in tights, and slice tomatoes between two plastic lids for the perfect cut.

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>>> all right. here's a question. do your eyes water every time you slice an onion or you have a million tupperware bowls but never find the lids?

>> a way to get organized and look like a pro in every room of your home.

>> we're going to get you organized with our expert in the kitchen who joined us at 10:00 . good morning.

>> thank you guys so much. if your eyes water, it's the acid in the onion. use white vinegar. pour it on the cutting board . it's not going to change the flavor. it's an odor remover. you should be able to chop away and not cry.

>> oh gosh. don't cut your finger.

>> it's fine.

>> are you sure?

>> i'm totally fine.

>> next step, onions, the best way to store them is they stay dry. when you buy onions at grocery store , they're in a mesh bag. basically put them in an old pantihose. i have a singular.

>> you're bleeding.

>> i'm fine.

>> you hang them in your bathroom.

>> i'm fine. i'm fine.

>> go to snip one off. there you've got your onion.

>> that's so attractive. you keep them dry together.

>> you do that with pantihose you're never going to wear.

>> and you cut each of these individually.

>> we'll cut them.

>> i'm fine. i'm fine. you put one lid on top of the other. this goes straight through them.

>> you try.

>> i want to see jenna try. i'll hold it.

>> let's see if this is real.

>> cut through the skin of the tomato.

>> it would have been easier -- yeah, you need a different knife.

>>> next up, cake batter. making it with kids. you've seen the crazy commercial where the dad lets it go everywhere. take two paper plaits. put the beaters in the holes. turn it on. that's keeping it from splattering. then you're done. i'm going up to full blast.

>> here we go baby.

>> you're protected.

>> you are so cool.

>> let's move on. we've got to make the cake. then you eat the batter.

>> this comes right off. it's easy. okay?

>> wait one second.

>> all right. oh my gosh.

>> really good.

>> okay so now the cake is baked. you want a quick way to impress your friends make it look great. take a doily. it's valentine's day. cut out a heart.

>> that's adorable. take confectionate sugar and go afternoon the edge. you never want brown sugar to get hard. you may bake once a year at thanksgiving. when you put your brown sugar in a container, put in a marshmallow or two. guess what, mini marshmallows work too. just a couple. or use a piece of orange or lemon rind. best thing is, you play chubby bunny with the marshmallow. remember that game?

>> no.

>> your plastic bags from the grocery store . store them in an empty box.

>> storing tupperware. if you have cd wraps and no more cds, great way to put it in the cabinet. use this part of your scissors. make a v.

>> careful.

>> you can sharpen your knives like that.

>> are you kids?

>> you want it at like a 45 degrees angle.

>> i want to make sure you're not hurt.

>> i'm fine.

>> it's okay.

>> i don't want to take it off.

>> is it bad?