TODAY   |  January 22, 2014

Sofia Vergara is gorgeous even when ‘napkining’

TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager chat about Jennifer Lawrence’s red-carpet meltdown over a “Homeland” spoiler. They also discuss images going viral of “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara being pranked by her costars while napping with a napkin draped over her face.

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>>> this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>> hey everybody. it's wednesday january 22 , 2014 . we made it. our show was starting. it starts the same time everyday.

>> we see the clock and think it's a dress rehearsal. jenna bush hager is joining us. kathie lee is in the sunshine. we knew it was going to snow. it's freezing cold outside. we seem to be complaining how cold it is. it's cold, like 8 degrees or something like that.

>> this has happened to me twice. i leave my house with wet hair. believe it or not i don't look like this when i wake up. it's the second time i had to walk around the street to get in my car. the second time my hair is frozen. has your hair ever frozen?

>> you know what, my hair is rarely wet. i try to stay away from water.

>> i've seen those pictures.

>> here's the thing. 80 million people are affected. flights are cancelled, travel is treachero treacherous. we had brittany outside last week with a squirt gun with hot water . the she squirted it and it turned to snow.

>> what can we do?

>> we heard there's a way. if you freeze a banana you can use it as a hammer.

>> brittany , wait a minute.

>> if this work, brittany will use the frozen banana hammer.

>> we've all heard of banana hammic. have we ever heard of a banana hammer?

>> brittany has a nail and board. we're going to see if it works.

>> try it again brit. try another one.

>> brilliant.

>> it's the nail.

>> i think it can work.

>> it's the nail.

>> i don't think the banana is frozen enough.

>> with that being said, first of all those are probably delicious pop sickles now.

>> yes, probably.

>> maybe she can bring them in here for us to eat. second of all, that does happen in places like siberia.

>> brittany , good try.

>> good try. thank you.

>>> here's the thing. sochi, you're going to the olympics. are you excited?

>> i'm very excited.

>> what are you excited about?

>> everything. i do the snow boarding in the younger sports. i'm not that young anymore.

>> you're a kid.

>> oh thank you.

>> you're doing snow boarding ?

>> snow boarding and action sports . i was in vancouver. it was so much fun. the curling was off the chain hot.

>> we didn't know what it was, but you take a broom and scrape it until the puck or whatevers that moves down the ice.

>> the thing is -- it's a hard sport. i feel i could even do it. no?

>> i saw lester trying it. he was sliding all over. the norwegian team caught our attention when they wore the crazy outfits. people thought what are they doing? i want to be part of. that norway is back with a vengeance. this is them.

>> i love that jacket.

>> that is so crazy.

>> i really do love that jacket. that spices things up. olympics is fun. it's fun to spice up some curling.

>> it will be interesting to see. coming up, i don't know if you heard about this. jennifer lawrence was on the red carpet . every time she says something she's genius.

>> she's totally authentic. there's no acting. of course when acting she's acting. she's totally herself.

>> she loves the show homeland. she was on the red carpet talking to access hollywood at the s.a.g. award. are you a homeland fan?

>> i love homeland. i have not seen the third season.

>> she's freaking. look at her. she can't contain herself.

>> one thing she says that i love, she said i got so embarrassed my ears turned red. mine and my husband's first date his ears turned red. he was embarrassed. cute. no more about me. then they spoiled it.

>> she has seen the first and second season but hasn't seen the third. what happened, shaun robinson and other reporter from access hollywood spilled the beans. we don't want to give it away. check out her reaction.

>> i can't believe you said that. i said the first and second season. i haven't watched the third season. i have to wait for it to come out on dvd because i'm not patient. i can't believe you did that. i don't even know what to say.

>> don't be mad at me.

>> this weird other emotion. mad isn't it.

>> i'm so sorry. i've made jennifer lawrence so mad.

>> i'm not mad. i feel like i heart just fell out.

>> i get the feeling. we have all been to watch television shows because a lot of people don't have time every night to tune into the program. it's the new thing with netflix or whatever. i know what she means. last year i was watching -- i'm not going to give it away. i was watching downtown abbey and i read a tweet about the ending, and i needed some serious counseling afterwards. i don't think she was trying to be mean --

>> she was funny. the thing is with twitter now whether a sporting event or award show, the west coast -- everyone else -- if you're bing watching you totally get the hammer. you can't believe someone has blown it. do you enjoy surprises period? do you like walking into a surprise party ?

>> i love surprises. don't you?

>> if i do too. there are people who are spoilers of that kind of thing.

>> we know some spoilers.

>> the person who the more she speaks the more you love her --

>> oh gosh i love her.

>> she was on the set of "modern family" and decided to take a cat nap . she fell after sleep. put a napkin over her face, she became a prop in everyone's selfies. all her buddies decided to take pictures beside her.

>> that's the thing napkining. even with the napkin on her face, she's the most beautiful woman in the world. she's beautiful.

>> she really is.

>> i wish we could do. that do you have a napkin? napkining you know?

>> that wouldn't look cute.

>> that's true.

>>> super bowl ads are out. they do teasers. i think last year we saw the ads before the super bowl .

>> which is anticlimactic. because i live for the ads. am i the only one?

>> john stamos does the yogurt ones. here's the latest version of those dannon yogurt ads. take a look.

>> that was a good game. what do you say boy, time to go to bed?

>> don't you think it's time we all get our own places?

>> nah!

>> you know, all that commercial needs --

>> bob has the biggest potty mouth in the world.

>> actually kind of scary.

>> you don't think that when you see him. when you see him at an event you're like --

>> all that needs is the olson twins going, that's so rude. isn't that what they said? you're so rude.

>> you're so right. that's just a clip. those little girls --

>> that's so rude.

>> nobody else still lives in the 90's? all right.

>>> we have a trend jenna is keen on.

>> nope.

>> yes, she will be.

>> when your children lose their baby teeth , you know, the question is -- there's a new trend that's apparently happen. the show "girls" on hbo underscored it where baby teeth are used as children. the character on the show "girls" got her boyfriend's baby teeth and wore it.

>> baby tooth .

>> she's got it. see, that's a big tooth.

>> it's a silver version.

>> the lower one is the big tooth. i don't know what that meant. it's a tooth. this is the thing that's kind of crazy. what's next? my baby barely has teeth. she has two little cave men teeth. i like them, but what else are we going to put around our necks? when does it stop?

>> what do you mean? there's a tooth too. that's all the teeth in a pendant.

>> i know what i'm getting you for valentinvalentine's day. that with blake's fangs. dogs have teeth. can't pull them out for a necklace? just kidding. i would never do that. my cat did lose a fang. i found hit and i have it on a silver box in my night stand ?

>> why?

>> i love my cat.

>> rock my world on etsy creates the custom silver impressions. send them the tooth, they mold it, and they turn it to jewelry.

>> they give the tooth back. it's not like they keep the tooth.

>> a front tooth $64.99. molars are $74.99.

>> you can get your own wisdom teeth . i'm not sure why you'd want your own teeth --

>> i still have mine.

>> you do?

>> yes. they're back there.

>> in your mouth? i thought you meant you kept them after you got them removed.

>> you got yours removed?

>> yeah like every other 14-year-old girl.

>> i kept mine.

>> you're going to have dental problems.

>>> we're going to show you videos you like when you come across the web. go to our facebook page. hit that connect button or go to our website, hit that connect but tonight. we might choose your thing tomorrow.

>> web fastic. send us things. we need them.

>> i have a book that's been out for a while. it's called "ten years later." it's coming out in paper back. some have enjoyed reading the book. if that book has had any impact at all --

>> look how shy she is. one person on the street told me they loved it. it's a great, great book. do you want me to speak for you? do you need help? she doesn't like bragging about herself. if it's inspired you to change your life and it definitely has, we want to hear them. we may share them.

>> you'll get something out of it.

>> here's something very very important about men you guys. men are getting lie poe suction. the number has gone up 150%. what doing they're doing?

>> what are they lipoing out? the beer bellies . probably the man thigh. have you not seen the men wearing white short shorts and you see the white man thigh. it's white because it doesn't get sun. less dark from not getting sun. it's cellulitey.

>> they don't have that.

>> i believe it's cellulitey.

>> are you talking about the saddle bags?

>> no. men thighs.

>> men have great thighs.

>> depends on the man. my husband has a great thigh. he doesn't wear a banana hammic. let's take it back. it's just whiter than the rest of his body, less tan. i'm not going to mention who but here on the show a spray tanning booth.

>> we're not going to give him up, but his initials are jeff.

>> he did it for the art of television.

>> they're apparently doing it to sculpted abs and stuff. let us know if you're interested in that story at all.

>> believe me, nobody is going to write in.