TODAY   |  January 22, 2014

Eat a full plate..with half the calories

Frances Largeman-Roth, contributor at Cooking Light magazine, demonstrates how to make meals like cremini mushroom meatloaf, cutting almost half the calories of the regular dish.

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>> you, you can eat that heaping plate of comfort food and take in only half the calories.

>> sign me up right now. here with a healthier version of two delicious dishes is francis, a contributor to "cooking light" magazine. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> i was drooling over this last night because one of the things i love most in life, meatloaf. and you have this way of making it healthier by using mushrooms.

>> this is from our start your year off light package. and we're taking mushrooms, they are replacing half of the beef in the meatloaf. so in they go, we're going to chop them up real fine. hopefully this cooperates with me.

>> this brings down the calorie count significantly.

>> we're going from 928 calories for the meal to 451.

>> and mushrooms add a savory flavor to it, as well. you're not losing flavor to reduce the calories.

>> this is how fine we chopped.

>> okay.

>> and they're going to go in with garlic and onions. saute for seven minutes until all the water is gone. then we move over here, dry chery and thyme. only 8 ounces instead of a pound. if you could add that to the beef, that would be great. thank you so much.

>> very nice.

>> and don't take away the flavor.

>> no, they boost the flavor.

>> they're always convinced if you replace it, it won't taste good.

>> that smells great.

>> yeah. awesome. salt and pepper . this is going to be -- instead of using a cake pan, we're going to do a free form.

>> what does that mean?

>> we're doing -- yeah, we're freestyling.

>> freestyling a mushroom.

>> exactly.

>> i think that means just lying --

>> yeah. and i would mix this up a little bit more to totally incorporate everything. but yeah, we're doing a 7 by 3 little loaf here.

>> that's beautiful.

>> and i will not touch you after i touch this. bake it at 375. what you would do after 20 minutes , you would brush on your ketch-up.

>> nice.

>> so this is a whole meal. you're getting the whole meal here. brown butter , it's nice and brown. gets nutty, too. so then we blanch, preblanched sugar snap peas . we're making that lighter, too, instead of regular peas, the sugar snaps are a little lighter in color.

>> very nice.

>> and we've replaced potatoes which is a must, but you've got something else. cauliflower mash.

>> still using potato, but half of it is replaced.

>> it's the new thing, isn't it?

>> it is, very hot right now. carrot ribbons, 30 seconds, you're done, beautiful, nice and bright, this is the meatloaf fully done.

>> that's beautiful.

>> you want to take a bite?

>> i do. if there were a utensil.