TODAY   |  January 22, 2014

Throw a Martha Stewart Super Bowl party!

Stewart joins TODAY to show how to make your Super Bowl party a winner, whipping up snacks including tequila lime chicken drumsticks, meatball parmesan sliders, and the “Love” dip.

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>>> back now at 8:50 with martha on "today." this morning, the playbook to make your super bowl party a real winner. martha stewart 's here with some perfect snacks to serve. the recipes straight from the pages of " martha stewart living ." good morning. it's like crazing all game long.

>> you love chicken legs, chicken wings , don't you?

>> i love these. you do them differently. we've also got pigs in a blanket .

>> this is easy, a tequila lime chicken drumstick. buy small drumsticks. order them now, they're going to be sold out by the weekend, you know that. so lime juice . you can squeeze some more limes for me. you know how to use that, don't you?

>> i do.

>> tequila , honey --

>> that's a lot of tequila .

>> you know, this is the marinade, and you're going to put a lot of chicken wings in here. put them in a plastic bag and let them marinate for a day or a few hours. that's your -- don't forget, a little bit of oil, salt --

>> okay.

>> pepper and lime juice . mix that altogether, marinate your drumsticks and then just roast them in the oven. no frying.

>> how long do they take?

>> 20 minutes , 30 minutes at the most, serve them with orange wedges.

>> in case you didn't get enough tequila , you can do shots.

>> get the really good tequila . now pigs in the blanket, if you make your own, they're so much better.

>> and you can freeze them.

>> yeah. you can freeze them. here is your frozen puff pastry , you buy it in the sheets like this.

>> nice.

>> just put a mustard, honey mustard , honey dijon all over this. roll up your hot dog .

>> okay.

>> and just buy the best hot dog and roll this up like this.

>> do you let this thaw?

>> yeah. roll that carefully.

>> it'll be easier to roll when they're soft.

>> that's not bad.

>> no, and do another one here, freeze them and cut them into pieces at an angle. brush with a little egg wash, poppy seeds and salt.

>> nice.

>> serve them with mustard with ketch-up. what do you think?

>> good.

>> you can also use italian sausage . and these are meatball sliders, your favorite. so you make -- and these you can do turkey meatballs if you want to be healthy. and these little meatballs go right on your -- you can do a biscuit, little roll and then topped with some mozzarella. you can do that, if you don't mind.

>> sure.

>> and bake them in the oven -- put that on afterwards.

>> after.

>> it'll turn black, you know. it's not going to look so good. that's it. and make the meatballs ahead of time. start on friday because you're going to make a lot. how many guys are coming to your house?

>> just me and the kids and deborah.

>> oh, okay.

>> i thought we were all going to martha's house. that's what we talked about. are you having a big party?

>> oh, gosh yes, giant party and it's in the kitchen. i have a big tv in the kitchen and we hang out and eat and watch.

>> denver or seattle?

>> denver .

>> now, this originated in texas some place. and it's a dip -- this is like the least healthy of all because it's a lot of cream cheese . cream cheese , scallions and add to that a sweet -- hot and sweet pepper relish. the little red poppados.

>> and if you want to be bad, you go here, if you're healthful, go here.

>> super bowl , you can be as bad as you want. you are going to be jumping up and down rooting for your team. who are you rooting for?

>> denver . the peyton manning story's too good.

>> i'm going for denver . how about the shandy?

>> beer by itself, i shouldn't say this, but it's kind of boring on super bowl day. add things to -- add orange juice a little tequila , orange liquor. just taste it. good?

>> delicious.

>> oh, yeah. good times.

>> still --

>> get your vitamin c .

>> you'll be out by the second quarter with that. this is some kind of a tequila concoction there.

>> oh, i almost forgot dessert. now, this is good, this is peanuts, chocolate salty pretzel.

>> oh.

>> it's a take on the pecan bar. but this is a peanut pretzel bar.

>> enjoy.

>> one for you. what do you think of that? i'm more of a sweet girl.

>> this is very easy.

>> what's on the bottom?

>> that's just a gram cracker crust. do you like it?

>> yeah.

>> i could eat that entire tray.

>> the best thing about your recipe, you can do all these things ahead of time.

>> you can have the game in the kitchen.

>> and, again, all these recipes coming to us from martha stewart living . thank you very much.

>> thank you. and may the best team win.

>> and we'll be back with much more on a wednesday morning. but first, your local news and these days your