TODAY   |  January 22, 2014

Steals and Deals: Valentine’s Day at a discount

TODAY contributor Jill Martin gives the scoop on the hottest affordable gifts for your Valentine, including Amella Caramels, Shelley Kyle perfumes, and Lena Wald necklaces that each symbolize a wish.

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>>> love is in the air for a special valentine 's day edition of " jill 's steals and deals." jill martin, contributing editor for "people's style watch."

>> whether you're single or taken or something in the middle, there's something for everyone. and even if you want to buy something for yourself because you should celebrate valentine 's day.

>> absolutely. i want to get to these things first. but all these items, you will receive by valentine 's day?

>> yes, will ship in time for valentine 's day.

>> okay.

>> i feel like a lot of guys haven't done their shopping yet.

>> time to make that move.

>> this is cute.

>> all girls love a handbag. the retail $380, made from cow hide leather, available in eight colors, go on our website, you can see all the colors. celeb fans include mila kunis and halle berry . the deal $95, that's 75% off.

>> and you can get -- i love this blue. you can get any of the colors?

>> yes. just a fun color to make any outfit pop.

>> pretty cool. i'll keep this with me. next stop, who doesn't love chocolate?

>> if your valentine is watching, she likes this best. just throwing it out there. just saying. so, of course, we have to throw in a little sweet for valentine 's. the retail $60, six-pack of caramels, 36 pieces total. how is it?

>> delicious.

>> the retail $60, the deal $18, 70% off. you get this whole box for that.

>> and next up, a little perfume.

>> okay. i left some out for you, i'm wearing it right now. shelly kyle perfume, retail $122, it's a three-piece set. you see it right here in the front. you get the large perfume, hydrating lotion and foaming bath gel, three different scents made in the u.s., hopefully you're using that bath gel on valentine 's day. the retail $132, the deal $39.

>> they tell you this time of year to layer your scents with the lotion and perfume because it lasts longer when it's cold outside.

>> and these are lena wall necklaces. each necklace symbolizes a wish. if you could get a close-up shot, they're very small, very dainty, but the wish is on the bottom. five different necklaces, four-leaf clover for luck, horseshoe for luck, heart for love, dollar sign for success and a star for fame. if i were you, i'd layer all five. the fans include michelle obama , cameron diaz , and charlize theron . the deal $59, that's 69% off.

>> that's fantastic. and those are adorable. and you can layer them. i like giving them to friends, as well.

>> it's a little wet in here from everybody coming inside.

>> and next up, the beautiful scarves.

>> the retail $198. i thought this one looked like you.

>> okay.

>> oversized scarves velvet printed designs, six different colors and styles to choose from, go on our website, again. they come with a guide on how to wear it and tie it.

>> i love that. because that's one of the things i struggle with.

>> well, that looks pretty.

>> retail $198, the deal is $39, that's 80% off, and i can assure you they're really soft. and i think someone else is wearing one right now.

>> of course he is, mr. daly.

>> i should get the guide, probably on how to wear it. but i will.

>>> well, everybody, if you're watching right now, this is the deal. and why do you love your valentine ? here's the photo just like this and we want you to fill in the blank. i love my valentine because -- and the 30 best submissions will get the scarf. the contest lasts only 24 hours . get to work.

>> i love my valentine because he is super thoughtful.

>> oh. okay.

>> that's a good one. thank you so much. thanks, as well, jill . can't wait to see. and the products again handbag, the perfume and bath set, necklaces and scarves by lee and luca. if you have questions, just head to steals and deals page on thank you very much,