TODAY   |  January 22, 2014

Man thinks he’s being punked, meets Ali

A plumber who lives and works in Louisville, Ky., was fixing some pipes at a property when colleagues told him Muhammad Ali lived across the street. Figuring he was being tricked, he knocked on the door, and surprisingly, Ali’s wife invited him in to meet the former heavyweight champion.

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>>> what's trending today at 8:15. and let's start with a young plumber who thought he was being pranked. it all ended up pretty well. tony kelly is an irishman who moved to kentucky to be with his wife. he was out on a job last week when some of his co-workers claimed his hero, we share this, muhammad ali lives in a house across the street. tony did not believe them, but he knocked on the door anyway just to go along with their ploy and look at what happened.

>> tony was surprised to see. and loni invited him inside and look at this, tony got to meet his idol. it happened to be ali's 72nd birthday. how cool are they?

>> he said it was a dream come true. his co-workers were a little shocked when he came in with the actual photo. and the only thing bad about this story is, we forgot to wish ali a happy birthday last