TODAY   |  January 22, 2014

New video emerges of slurring Toronto mayor

New footage shows Rob Ford slurring his words and trying to speak in a Jamaican accent. On Tuesday night he admitted he’d been drinking again, but said it was nobody’s business.

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>>> new video has emerged of toronto mayor rob ford that shows him slurring his words and trying to talk in a jamaican accent .

>> yeah, man.

>> okay. so the video comes two months after mayor ford said he'd stopped drinking when reporters asked him about it tuesday night, he admitted he'd been drinking but said it was no one else's business.

>> what i do in my personal life , that's up to me. this has nothing to do with you guys. it's my own time, my own friend.

>> ford, as you recall, was stripped of most of his powers last year after he admitted smoking crack cocaine.