TODAY   |  January 22, 2014

Airlines recovering after winter storm

Over 4,000 flights were canceled after a hard-hitting winter storm Monday. Officials across the country are also working to make snow and ice-covered roads drivable. NBC’s Tom Costello reports.

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>> how hard traffic is. well, guess what, crippled airports across the region because of this storm. tom costello in washington this morning. tom, good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning. freezing here, we're well below zero . this is recovery day at this airport and across the country as all of these planes, many of which were out of position yesterday because of the storm, they now try to move back in a position today. let's get you the latest on the cancellations. so far today, 1,400 flight cancellations, then we have 3,000 yesterday. so that combined 4,400 number. now they've got to recover or start to recover from that. we're not even talking about the delays yet. as you can imagine, those would snowball. inside the airports, virtual ghost town yesterday, flights canceled up and down the eastern sea board. today, the challenge is to get all of those airports and passengers to where they need to be. we're talking boston-logan, connecticut and the new york city airports, washington reagan , washington national and washington dulles , all of those will be airports struggling to get back up to speed today and a big de-icing day as you might expect. amtrak picked up slack. but today, modified service on the northeast corridor . so folks trying to get by on amtrak may be seeing a little bit of a slower day today. and then on the road, you saw all those terrible roads. interestingly, you know, the salt they put down on the roads that really only works until you get about to 15 degrees. below that, it doesn't work very well. as a result, they have to switch to kind of a chemical mix. that's going to be the challenge today. back to you.

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