TODAY   |  January 22, 2014

Winter storm buries parts of the country in snow

Sub-freezing temperatures and massive snow builds are expected to plague parts of the country through the weekend. NBC’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>> and across the east, people are waking up to temperatures that have fallen more than 30 degrees overnight. as we said, sam, al and dylan have it all covered. dylan dreyer up in massachusetts up on cape cod . dylan , good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, matt. and here on the cape, we are seeing not only really heavy snow, but also wind gusts at 40 to 50 miles per hour. and this light fluffy snow just blows and drifts all over the place reducing visibility to at times zero. now, these whiteout conditions have already hit hard parts of the midwest and mid-atlantic. and we are going to see this continue around here throughout the next couple of hours making a mess of the air and also, especially on the roads.

>> deep freeze, double-header. the second massive storm of the season buried much of the country overnight followed up by subfreezing temperatures lasting through the weekend. like 2014 's first blizzard, new england was hit hard, more than a foot of snow piling up in some parts of massachusetts. but places like philadelphia, long island and chicago didn't fair much better.

>> we're stuck in it pretty good.

>> outside of louisville, kentucky, parts of the hawaii were shut down after traffic conditions were considered too hazardous for travel. while the weather also got the better of drivers in indiana. west virginia --

>> i had no problems all the way down the road until i got here and it just wasn't nothing i could do.

>> reporter: -- and new york city where a taxi took to a sidewalk to get around a snowed in truck blocking the street. conditions so severe in new york that one of the glass panels at apple's iconic cube store shattered with images posted on social media overnight. airports were also inundated with thousands of flights canceled across the country. in washington, d.c. where 8 inches of snow fell, the federal government was shut down. visiting school children had to brave the conditions outside the capitol building . while a little closer to home, some kids were able to enjoy the weather. our viewers sharing some of their favorite pics on the "today" facebook page with the #todaysnow. the arctic cold today and the days to come is an offshoot of that dreaded polar vortex . and with two months of winter still to come, we probably haven't seen the last of conditions like these.

>> reporter: and we are still looking at perhaps up to another 6 inches here on cape cod . but where the snow has already ended in some of the hardest hit areas, now the arctic blast is moving in. we are going to see temperatures in the teens and 20s with windchills at or below zero up until the weekend. matt and savannah.