TODAY   |  January 21, 2014

Andy Garcia ‘proposed the first day’ he met wife

The Oscar-nominated actor, director and producer talks to TODAY about playing a heart surgeon who takes his son on a college tour in his new flick, “At Middleton.” His wife also stars in the film.

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>>> as an actor, but the do it all man is a director, producer and grammy-winning composer.

>> in his newest film "at middleton" he produced and played a part as a heart surgeon .

>> his character learns a few life lessons along the way. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> it's great to see you. and what attracted you to this script? it's kind of a departure for you.

>> the quality of the material was beautiful, beautifully constructed story about two parents who meet on a college tour with their kids and the kids don't want them around, of course. leave me alone . and they kind of, you know, they kind of hook up. start a little adversary. but by the end of the day , they've had the most special day of their life and have to make a decision what to do at the end of the day .

>> wow.

>> because they're both married.

>> i was going to ask you about that. how did you feel about this character personally? because, yes, it's a beautiful sort of budding love story , but they are both married.

>> yeah. you know, it's -- you can tell there's some -- their marriages have been coasting a little bit over the years and they just find -- it's not intentional they want to -- looking for somebody. they just happen to find kind of their soul mate . and the most important decision of their life they have to make that afternoon at the end of the day .

>> you've been married for 30er y years and you got to work with your daughter in this movie.

>> yeah. that was during the clip, yeah.

>> and she also got to work with her sister. which is fantastic. how do you -- what's your secret for a long and successful marriage?

>> well, you know, first of all, i found that girl, that happened to me when i met my wife and proposed to her the first day i saw her, you know.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> love at first sight .

>> yeah, it was. you channel that and, you know, i think there's a commitment to that. to her and to each other and to your family, to your kids. kind of like a religion, you know.

>> and there's a scene where you're smoking pot with your daughter. just curious, was that a little awkward? how did that work?

>> no, it wasn't.

>> was it familiar?

>> no, it was not familiar.

>> talk about me.

>> i don't know.

>> it was not familiar, but it was a real part , you know. we didn't have the budget for that.

>> and it wasn't shot in colorado.

>> it wasn't shot in colorado, no. it was spokane, washington, doubling for an eastern college.

>> do you like making this kind of movie? you've done so much big budget, people have seen "untouchable" and the ocean movies.

>> there's a freedom in that. you know, because nobody cares what you're doing. you're out there on your own.

>> you don't even know if there's film in the camera.

>> people who are there are there for a particular reason to be there for that movie.

>> yeah.

>> so there's, you know, and usually some of the best material out there comes from the independent cinema . you see it every year in the oscars. the movies, they win you the academy award for best picture sometimes or independent film .

>> yeah.

>> so you go where the material is. if there's a big budget thing that comes your way, that's fine, if not, you go where your heart is. we raise the money, the writer/director who are here off camera somewhere. and we raised the money for this movie and, you know, from scratch.

>> the passion and love shows on camera.

>> and in the suit.

>> my winter suit.

>> i know.

>> only andy garcia could pull that off. so great to see you. "at middleton" will be available on demand january