TODAY   |  January 21, 2014

Awkward! Stars of ‘That Awkward Moment’ visit

Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller, stars of the upcoming film “That Awkward Moment,” talk about their new comedy and how it looks at modern dating from a guy’s perspective.

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>> is facing a divorce. take a look.

>> ice cream ?

>> yeah, peanut butter chocolate.

>> that's a great flavor.

>> no ice cream , no.

>> whiskey doesn't mix well with ice cream .

>> you need it?

>> yeah.

>> what are you a fat teenage girl?

>> what are you bridget jones ?

>> give me the ice cream .

>> no. get away from me.

>> give me the ice cream .

>> nobody gets ice cream .

>> that was awesome.

>> zac efron , michael b. jordan and miles teller join us. guys like to turn to ice cream , too, in times of need.

>> peanut butter chocolate is amazing. i love that flavor.

>> when i watched this movie, i thought 2/3 of you are total dogs through 2/3 of the movie.

>> whoa.

>> what do you think?

>> i agree with you completely.

>> you were the nice one.

>> that's right.

>> i mean, i wouldn't say -- we're just looking for love and, you know, sometimes you just -- you're not compatible with somebody and you can keep it going or you can just nip it in the bud.

>> this is sort of -- i don't know, looking to what it's like for guys to be dating in today's world. and part of it, we really are good guys, all three characters.

>> we have good intentions. we may not execute the way we want to.

>> we mean well.

>> there's a good moral of the story. it's called "that awkward moment." what does that mean in the context of the film? what do you think that's describing, zac?

>> i don't know. just --

>> i think it's the awkward moments of us trying to figure it out. sometimes, when you get put on the spot and a girl asks you a question and you weren't expecting.

>> like right now, we didn't prepare for the questions. these are not the questions we rehearsed. where are the questions we rehearsed?

>> we should have been ready for this.

>> a moment when it comes up with a girl, so where is this going? what does this mean?

>> right.

>> what are we?

>> speaking of awkward -- there is a scene that we cannot or maybe just will not show on morning television, involves some kind of naked acrobatics over a toilet. miles, was that a joy to shoot?

>> naked acrobatics are on my resume, has been since college.

>> skills.

>> i have no idea he had any skills.

>> worked on it for about a month.

>> i started practicing when i was very young. that's actually how i got into acting.

>> well, all of you have really an exciting stages in your lives. 2014 , your producer on this film, i know last year was a little bit hard, there were reports you'd gone through rehab. anything you want to share about that? and i think mostly your fans want to know how you're doing?

>> just that i'm in the best place i've ever been. i've never been this happy before. and i'm extraordinarily grateful for you guys and to be here promoting this movie and -- i don't know, things are good. thank you for asking.

>> you've got a lot going on. so do you, miles. it's rumored you're going to play dan akroyd .

>> that started, but nothing has been signed yet.

>> no, it's something i've talked about and i'd be honored to play a legend like dan ackroyd , but that's how it got started. he threw it out.

>> all right.

>> there was a mole in the audience.

>> and i can't let you go without saying, michael b. jordan , you're being called a breakout rising star , what's next for you?

>> i'm not sure. trying to figure it out, honestly. focused on promoting this film and making sure people get out and see it. it's an awesome film that speaks on today.

>> yeah. i agree with you, by the way, these guys are the best young actors i've ever worked with, and i'm so excited -- there's never really been a movie like this. and all of us are stoked to get it out there and so happy to be in new york.

>> we're the hottest guys.

>> working in film, and we're all in the film together so it's like, hello. hello.

>> you're doing your richard sherman impersonation right now. cutest, hottest movie stars ever.

>> i hope not. awkward moment.

>> exactly. thanks for being here. appreciate it.

>> thanks very much.

>> once again "that awkward moment" hits theaters next friday, january