TODAY   |  January 21, 2014

Katy Perry opens up about divorce, more in GQ

The pop superstar speaks candidly about such topics as her divorce from comedian Russell Brand and losing her virginity in a revealing interview with GQ magazine.

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>>> now to another star getting very candid about her life. katy tur is in the studio with more on that.

>> at 29, she sold more than 11 million albums, more followers on twitter than anyone on earth. we get a first look at katy perry 's "gq" spread and let's call it a quirky interview. i got the eye of the tiger

>> reporter: she's arguably the biggest name in pop music right now. her smash hit "roar," just her latest song to top the charts. and in "gq's" february's cover story , readers got a glimpse of the simultaneously sugary and sultry singer who first splashed on the scene with a song about kissing a girl. i kissed a girl and i liked

>> reporter: she described her childhood growing up poor, singing for food at a santa barbara 's farmers market, losing her virginity at the age of 16 in the front seat of a volvo. she touches on her parents' beliefs but calls herself more spiritual, saying i believe in a lot of astrology, i believe in aliens. adding, if my relationship with obama gets any better, i'm going to ask him that question, it just hasn't been appropriate yet. unlike some of her musical peers, this pop princess takes being a role model seriously. she claims to have never had plastic surgery. and she says marijuana isn't her friend. and on her much gossiped about, personal life reveals that russell brand who many believe she slammed in her song "wide awake," never visited her in the world tour for "teenage dream." six months after the divorce, she was dating john mayer , perfect fodder for tabloid headlines. the romance now back on along with a newly released duet. still, perry is quick to deflate expectations, telling writer amy wallace, i'm just having a wonderful experience with a wonderful guy. there's no rush.

>> i've said to her at one point in the interview that some would say she had an appetite for complicated men. and she laughed. and her answer basically broke down into she would prefer complicated to dull.

>> as for the aliens comment, not sure what she wanted to ask president obama , but she said she was very supportive of his campaign and joked around she might have won wisconsin for him. matt?