TODAY   |  January 21, 2014

Watch Carson Daly ride electric unicycle

The maker of the Ryno, a one-wheeled electric “microcycle,” visits TODAY and announces that the technological innovation will become public in April.

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>> and he's the inventor and ceo of ryno bike. hi, chris. i don't think it can be that easy to ride. how does it work?

>> it balances with gyro stabilization like in your phone, it knows where the center of the earth is. it stays upright.

>> is carson your ultimate customer?

>> i like that.

>> i love it.

>> okay. do you think people could commute?

>> it's urban transportation, for i want to go from the train to my apartment and back. i can take it on the train, bike lane .

>> 10 miles an hour?

>> 10 miles an hour. fast enough.

>> available for the public yet, or no?

>> april 16th , we're starting to ship.

>> price point good?