TODAY   |  January 21, 2014

Photo of 2 toilets, 1 stall causes stir from Sochi

An image from the men’s room in the Cross-country Ski and Biathlon center in Sochi is getting lots of comments online, showing no dividing wall between toilets.

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>> know, we're all gearing up to head out to sochi for the olympics in a few weeks, and we've got a picture of the bathrooms we'll be using. check it out. two toilets, one stall, no wall in between.

>> come on.

>> this is the men's room in the biathlon center in sochi. the photo, literally with the emphasis on "bi."

>> wow.

>> on the hill top .

>> that's right. the toilet there.

>> that's not happening.

>> no.

>> can't wait.

>> ellen has talked to superstar