TODAY   |  January 21, 2014

Your shapewear may be giving you the squeeze

Some doctors are warning that certain types of shapewear can squeeze your organs if not worn properly, causing pain and numbness or upsetting digestion. To combat these effects, experts recommend not wearing shapewear too often.

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>> am. do you wear spanx?

>> are we still raising our hands?

>> yeah.

>> how about tighty whiteys?

>> a version, maybe.

>> i have an aversion to them.

>> a version.

>> i hear what you're saying, i've got those, too.

>> certain kinds of shapewear could be hurting our bodies when they're not worn properly. when they're too tight, they actually squeeze our organs, that can cause acid reflux, heartburn, could cause pain and numbness in our legs. what can you do? not to wear it too often.

>> when you say squeezing your orga organs, what do you mean?