TODAY   |  January 21, 2014

Is your password 1234? Change it now

Carson Daly presents the top 25 worst passwords used to access online accounts in the Orange Room.

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>>> high high of 11 degrees.

>> balmy.

>> yep. let us swing over to carson in the orange room .

>> got a little captain morgan .

>> yeah.

>> doing some stretches?

>> this is my move. all right, guys, here's the list came out. the data security firm splash data put it out. come on in, don't be shy. we've got the list of the worst passwords of the year. these are taken from millions of passwords stolen. atop the list 123456, sorry, dad. password. qwerty, some other terrible passwords, i love you, let me in, monkey not a great password. and tips for you don't replace letters with similar-looking numbers. or phrases of random words, that's a good thing. separate by spaces or underscores, you can have let me in underscore monkey. that might help. there you go. send us your banking passwords and we'll -- #orangeroom. no, don't do that.

>> yeah. trouble with that one, carson.

>> seriously, guys.

>> is monkey really a popular password?

>> why?

>> yes.

>> let's analyze that, why?

>> i have no idea.

>> it's a funny word .

>> have you changed your passwords recently?

>> i do. and use words that aren't really words. i make up words.

>> how do you remember them?

>> well, because it comes in my brain and i remember them.

>> the worst is when you have different passwords, one website for your bank.

>> would you write them down?

>> well, where you going to write them down and someone finds that, they own you, basically.

>> i can never lose my phone.

>> how many different accounts do you use the same password for?

>> all of them, if i can, all of them.

>> you have one password for your whole life?

>> i'd rather not say this on live television.

>> i think you just answered that for us.

>> let's get to work.

>> shadow, sunshine, monkey, photoshop, admin,