TODAY   |  January 20, 2014

Cut the calories with cauliflower au gratin

Nutrition expert Joy Bauer visits the TODAY kitchen with some dishes that pack plenty of flavor but leave out the heavy calories, including and a tasty cauliflower au gratin.

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>>> well, we all love these delicious comfort foods , especially on a cold day like grilled cheese sandwiches, potatoes au gratin and cheesier the better, right?

>> right. if you're in the mood to indulge, joy bauer is here to help us build a better, healthier version of some of these comfort food classics. let's start with the grilled cheese . how can you go wrong?

>> right. and everybody grew up with classic grilled cheese sandwiches. if you can imagine just two slices of white bread , there's usually two slices of cheese on the inside and fry it up with a little bit of butter. that innocent-looking sandwich is pretty run of the mill, 560 calories, and that's before you consider the soup.

>> exactly. that's a lot.

>> here's how we're going to skinny it up. we're first going to start with a low calorie low-grain bread. i'm going to keep them open faced. and i've presauteed with just the oil spray a little bit of kale and caramelized onion.

>> love that smell.

>> yummy.

>> you're going to put it on top, we're going to increase the fiber, we're increasing the nutrition. then we're just going to add one slice of whatever reduced fat cheese that you like. i like a spicy pepper jack .

>> this is the lower fat version.

>> exactly, the 2 percent, pop it under the broiler, and you have --

>> difference. thank you.

>> the absolutely delicious version. that is only 150 calories for --

>> and, by the way.

>> do i have spinach in my teeth?

>> no.

>> check this out. one of the original sandwiches is the same calories of seven of our new and improve skinny, more nutritious.

>> so good.

>> all right. excuse me.

>> next, we have this ooey gooey --

>> otherwise known as cheesy potatoes.

>> covered in a creamy, decadent sauce. a small 3/4 scoop is 470 calories. here's how you're going to drive those calories down. you're going to start by swapping the potatoes with cauliflower. so a slice of two heads cauliflower, roast it on 400 for 25 minutes, removes all the water and layer it in a baking dish with my secret sauce .

>> what's in the secret sauce ?

>> it's not so secret, the recipe on the website.

>> what is it?

>> we have 1% low fat milk, soy sauce , dry mustard, hot sauce , paprika and a drop of whipped butter. comes together unbelievably.

>> yummy.

>> a little bit after your top it with your last layer, a little bit of parmesan cheese , put it in the broiler, four to eight minutes, and it's only 100 calories.

>> that's amazing.

>> per serving?

>> one serving of the original, you get this many servings of ours.

>> and it probably tastes delicious.

>>> over here, spinach artichoke dip.

>> a scoop of the original, 200 calories. by the way, mine is only 35 calories. frozen chopped spinach, this is going to be a cup of light mayo, scallions.

>> cheese.

>> parmesan. mix it all up, pop it in the oven at 350 for 25 minutes, 35 calories.

>> you did it!

>> look how many servings you get.

>> back in a moment.

>>> joy, you did well. you really did.

>> fantastic.

>> saving us calories.