TODAY   |  January 20, 2014

Here’s how stores seduce you into buying more

Brie Dyas of HuffPost Home reveals the tricks retailers use to try to make you buy more than you planned, without you even knowing it.

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>>> have you ever run into a store to grab one thing and walk out with three shopping bags ?

>> nope. never. never happened to me. well, if it sounds familiar, it's no accident.

>> the huffington post recently featured this topic and brie is a senior editor. good morning. good to have you here.

>> i think the first trick, and this is totally enlightening to me. i had no clue about this, but actually the flooring has a lot to do with how you enter the store, everything from carpeting to uneven tiles, is that right?

>> when you step in and sinking into a pad, you're much more comfortable and start to be a little more leisurely.

>> really?

>> they want you lured in from the first step and want you to stay. and that's one of the things that will keep you there.

>> i never thought of that.

>> let's talk about the second thing, which is smells, and obviously if a place doesn't smell good.

>> you're out of here.

>> which you don't want to stay. but talk to us about the smells. simpler is better?

>> simpler is better. scents like lemon or winter pine scent, you're 20% more likely to shop and spend money.

>> the thing about it, a thin line, you can shop with your nose, but don't want to be distracted. it's all very calculated. it's all the senses. your nose and then, of course, your lighting is so important in the store. but also the music. that's not accidental.

>> because all your senses are involved here.

>> and the music is really meant to keep you there. the days of -- this is a song you probably don't remember, a horse with no name was the one i was sort of talking about.

>> no.

>> it's more adele, more upbeat, and that's going to create an atmosphere.

>> adele, but they say not too upbeat.

>> not like forever 21 where it's always a club all the time. they play a lot of led zeppelin , but it's slower, makes you slow down, make you look at the merchandise.

>> i get thoroughly annoyed when the music is too loud.

>> and restaurants, too.

>> retailers are up against people shopping with their ipods. they want to engage you. the job of a retailer is to engage you when you first step into the store, and they don't want to yank it out of your ears. they want to create that wonderful atmosphere.

>> and speaking of engaging, the sensation of touch is important, as well. and people like shiny new, flat beautiful surfaces. isn't that right?

>> you mean ipads.

>> touch me, play with me, that type of thing.

>> that's the huge success in the apple store . everything's out there, you can touch it. you think of places like sephora, you just want to try it. and when you try it and hold it, you're 50% more likely to buy it and pay more money.

>> and christmas time , every year i buy one of those helicopters from the store in the mall.

>> so do i.

>> they never work.

>> you do?

>> it doesn't feel right.

>> and my kids love it.

>> and brookstone, i sit in the chair.

>> exactly. get the massage.

>> let's move on to what works as children with our parents, reverse psychology . you say clerks do this in the stores, as well.

>> they'll say to you, don't worry, you don't have to buy anything.

>> or my favorite is, i wanted to show you -- it's never anything cheap. it's like the $300.

>> and that's the way -- wait a minute, i'll show you, maybe i will buy this.

>> i like to have a designated shopper, somebody who can keep you sober and make sure -- it's actually when you're doing a big buy . don't think that works with your children. because studies show that if you bring your kids to a kid-friendly store, you're going to spend like 30% more. on things you don't need.

>> definitely.

>> and if they try it, they're walking out with it.

>> you don't want to look like a mean mommy.

>> when your baby looks so cute.

>> you got to do it.

>> buy when the baby looks cute.

>> which is every day.