TODAY   |  January 20, 2014

To achieve your dreams, you must remember why

In celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Day, Beijo president Susan Handley, psychiatrist Dr. Ish Major, and CNBC correspondent Sharon Epperson provide tips on how to achieve your own dreams.

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>>> it's to own your own business or write the next great american novel, but turning those dreams into reality, as you know, that can be a challenge.

>> we've got something to help you follow through. a psychiatrist, a founder and president of beju inc. and a personal finance correspondent. good morning to you guys.

>> good morning.

>> let's start with you, susan . you've started your own company. this was a dream that became a reality. talk us through starting this business.

>> okay. well, in 2002 , i was a struggling single mom that really just needed a change in my life. i didn't feel i was being the best me that i could offer my son. and i wanted some financial stability. so i did the unthinkable and i actually left the position i was in and i started my business out of the trunk of my car. and looking back now, we've been around for over a decade.

>> and a lot of people have dreams. and how do you use that dream to then motivate to create a business plan , something that will really come to life?

>> the thing with the dreams is, we all have them. we all should have them. what you've got to do is stretch that dream to mean something beyond yourself. think about what it means to your kids. how it's going to help your community, your country or the world. the bigger your why, the bigger the energy.

>> let's talk about finance. you can have a dream, but let's talk about the reality in making this dream come true .

>> well, you have to have a realistic plan, as well, as you follow this dream. and you need to start by surveying the marketplace, see what's out there. i'm sure susan did this to figure out where you want to target your market. and be flexible with your idea. you may need to modify as things change and i'm sure over a decade that business has evolved quite a bit. and create a short business plan . you want to make sure you have a plan there of who you're going to sell to, how much you're going to sell. what is going to make it unique, how you'll make a profit.

>> how did you go about developing your first product and then, you know, going through and carrying forward with the business plan and actually launching a company?

>> well, i have always wanted to be a fashion designer. i've had this passion for handbags for a long time. i was able to draw off of some visions that i had as a young girl when i first started designing in my mother's closet. but you're right, how do you take that vision and turn it into a multimillion dollar company? well, it takes determination, takes a lot of hard work, but for me, i actually -- you have to take a step. you have to go for it. at some point, you're going to think it to death. and you won't do it. you've got to take steps every single day to get towards your goal. so for me, i went overseas and developed the product right then and there.

>> and you have strategies, quickly, so people watching can follow their dreams.

>> number one, remember your why. remember why, number two, take action. okay. take action.

>> take those steps.

>> the biggest thing people don't do, use the models. someone like sharon for your career model. find somebody doing it.

>> all right. thank you, guys. who doesn't love a good handbag?

>> see what they look like.

>> dr. majors, susan and sharon,