TODAY   |  January 20, 2014

Who will win big at the Grammys?

In Today’s Take, Natalie Morales and guest host Jenna Bush Hager look at the results of a survey in which Natalie, Al Roker, Willie Geist and USA Today make Grammy predictions about everything from the best artist to the best dressed on the red carpet.

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>>> natalie morales and willie geist . live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza .

>> great crowd outside on this monday morning, january 20th , 2014 . welcome to you, it is martin luther king jr . day, a day of service for a lot of people in this country, as well. natalie morales along with jenna bush hager , al and willie enjoying a day off. when the boys are away, the girls will play.

>> love it.

>>> we were watching the screen actors guild was this weekend. it's getting a little bit more difficult as we start looking ahead to the oscars, which are in march of this year. starting to take a look at the screen actors guild awards , on saturday, we saw " american hustle " came out on top. they won for best cast. however at the producers' guild award last night, there was a first ever tie for the top prize in the awards history between "gravity" and "12 years a slave." who do you think will win?

>> well, i was thinking "12 years a slave," but it's very interesting. and i think as we've seen over the last couple of years, there's the question of how the academy voters will go. if they're feeling it's important to give the honor to a socially important film versus more of a cotton candy type movie. the movie everyone wants to go see, which would be " american hustle ."

>> the fun movies.

>> the fun movies.

>> i do have to say, the best wig goes to " american hustle ."

>> of course.

>> the best wigs and the best coats.

>> best costumes.

>> best costumes, " american hustle ." i'm a serious film watcher.

>> that's an easy way to break it down, i think. yeah, it's hard to say. i think they're both such different films, "12 years a slave" to " american hustle " and so many in the categories, as well, it'll be hard to pick a winner in this case. i think a lot of people are just now starting to go to the neith theate theate theaters and watch these films.

>> with a new baby, the movies aren't on our to do list. this afternoon, i think, my husband has the day off, we're going to try to see " american hustle ."

>> matinee? that's the way to do it, i think.

>>> well, another controversy that is brewing, i think, is -- well, by the way, we do have a poll. we do have a poll for you and the academy awards and who you think should win. 40% say " american hustle " should win, 40% say "12 years a slave."

>> that surprises me a little bit. "12 years a slave" i've heard is this incredible film. i guess that's close.

>> 40/30.

>> where the breakdown would be. has a poll for best dressed at the s.a.g. awards. this is something we can weigh in more with the more educated approach to this.

>> right.

>> here's how people looked at some of what they viewed as the best dressed. amy adams came in third.

>> look at that.

>> cobalt blue , asymmetrical.

>> the retro hair, i think that's what you call that.

>> i like she's channeling her character a little bit.

>> and with the red hair to wear the bright colors. i love it.

>> and take a look at jennifer lawrence , she came in number two with all of you, our viewers. great, sparkly. very different she actually was wearing white at the golden globes , which was a dress that i think a lot of people -- there's controversy over that dress, but i think this one's a clear winner. and number one, who seems to knock it out of the park when it comes to the red carpet these days is this newcomer lupita nyongo.

>> kerry washington , she wore the crop top . i like it a lot. i have to say, i think there are some people that question, i think it's great.

>> i think it's great.

>> got the belly, show the belly.

>> i, myself, didn't look the best. my belly wasn't like that. that's what we call a beautiful belly.

>> you looked pretty awesome.

>> that's nice and generous of you, but i will say that i don't know i could have worn a crop top . even know, not sure -- my sister, she's got abs of steel. you probably could.

>> no, you will not catch me dead wearing a crop top . i will not. not even at the gym where you might expect --

>> if you wear it at the gym and jump up and down and see that stomach, not a good motivator.

>> other things in the crop top , too. depends on what you're aiming for at the gym. trying to meet someone or get some abs?

>> i'm trying to get some abs and looking at my stomach bounce is not good motivation.

>> no.

>> here's a little controversy brewing. you heard about this, juan pablo, the star of the latest season of "the bachelor" apologizing for controversial comments he made in regards to gays. an interview with the website, juan pablo was asked if it would be a good idea to have a gay or bisexual bachelor. here's how he responded. take a listen.

>> no.

>> why not?

>> just because i respect them, but honestly, i don't think it's a good example for kids to watch that on tv. it seems to me, you know, and i don't know if i'm mistaken or not. i met great -- i have a lot of friends like that. but they're more pervert in a sense.

>> producers called the comments thoughtless and insensitive. he's posted an apology on facebook writing "pervert" wasn't what he meant. english is my second language and sometimes i use the wrong words to express myself. was it lost in translation ?

>> what do you think?

>> i think it's very hard in latin and south america to, you know, it's a hard culture when it comes to gays and lesbians . it still is. and i think he doesn't understand --

>> i'm glad he apologized.

>> he's meeting with -- he's also meeting with gays and lesbians , working with g.l.a.d. to try to address the issue head on.

>> which is good. i wonder if it'll affect the show with the roses, you know. if it affects it. someone very funny on twitter saying he didn't go for gay relationships but he believes finding a wife with 22 actresses, aspiring actresses.

>> they said you're the last person to make moral judgments on people, you're dating 25 women at the same time.

>> exactly. that was it. i don't know.

>> there you go.

>> i think that person probably spoke it, said it best.

>> did he make the decision? i don't know.

>>> here's an interesting story on the " huffington post " website. why do i wake up minutes before my alarm clock goes off? you were waking up --

>> it happens to me every single morning early morning and i wear contacts so i can't see everything, i'm always like, henry , what time is it? what time is it?

>> you wake your poor husband up?

>> i can't see. put on my glasses and look up at the clock?

>> maybe. yes. most people do.

>> henry , what time is it. last night he was like, it's just 11:30 .

>> well, i tried because my husband -- he will always -- he gets on my case, for 20 years i've been waking up at these awful hours. i learned, put everything in the bathroom, leave everything there and get myself ready quietly and tiptoe. and if i put my shoes on, take your shoes off! you're waking the whole house up.

>> this morning, henry was like, don't turn on the light, you don't want to wake up the baby.

>> shower in the dark? we don't want to inconvenience you.

>> when you have a newborn.

>> oh, that's true.

>> you walk around like you're on egg shells.

>> luckily our baby can sleep through the lights. the door's closed, she's not that light sensitive, thank goodness.

>> sound sensitive. they sleep through anything at that age.

>> she does.

>> sure do. but apparently, studies show we do start waking ourselves up throughout -- as we know we're going to get closer to the hour of wake-up time because they say your stress hormones are preparing your body for that moment.

>> i must have been highly stressed last night.

>> different hours.

>> different hours.

>> coming to do something different today.

>> exactly. nervous. but it was constantly waking up and, henry , what time is it?

>> your poor henry .

>>> well, take your pick at the grammys. as you know, we've been partnering again with " usa today " for your pick. we started making our predictions, started with the golden globes . al, willie and myself have answered three questions about next sunday's grammy awards . and we wanted to first have you all weigh in on who we think will give the best performance. and here's how we broke it down. i picked "imagine dragons. al picked bruno mars.

>> willie likes this. snoop lion and stephen colbert .

>> they always do these mash-up performances. like the last groups or the last people you expect to see paired together is usually where you see them. so snoop dogg is nominated and stephen colbert nominated in the spoken word category. usa today is going with daft punk and pharrell. who will be the night's big winner? i think this is clear, from my point of view macklemore and lewis. al and willie say justin timberlake who is also what i would say but i was told pick somebody else. but " usa today " is going along with me. macklemore and lewis. what do you think?

>> i don't know. i need to do the research. but maybe macklemore. he's been talked about this year.

>> important music, as well.

>> exactly.

>> about important things. but justin timberlake --

>> and who will wear the most outrageous outfit? and i picked -- she's not nominated, but i picked miley because if she's going to be there, she's going to show up wearing something or not wearing something we're all going to be talking about.

>> totally.

>> al picked pink and rihanna. the ladies will square off and we'll see who wins that round. willie is going kanye. which i would have to agree with that. and i think he also -- willie said as " usa today " daft punk . they do wear the motorcycle helmets.

>> i kind of agree with you. you got miley there, it's going to be crazy.

>> maybe the foam finger? all right. let's get a check of the weather. maybe that's all she'll wear.

>> i hope that's not all she wears. maybe we shouldn't be watching.