TODAY   |  January 20, 2014

These anti-aging products are under $100

Sarah Eggenberger of NewBeauty Magazine shares a few anti-aging products that will keep your bank account healthy as well as your appearance.

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>>> aging. it helps to have helpers on our side. we have the contributing editor at "new beauty" magazine. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> i love when you do the hard work for us and all of the products are under $100.

>> exactly. under $100. and we have chosen as our new beauty, beauty of choice awards. and we break it down very specifically. so as a consumer, you know what to go for and you know what your results will be based upon your conditions and concerns.

>> everybody get out their note pads.

>> exactly.

>> the best cleanser.

>> this is an amazing product, it's a cleanser and exfoliator pulled together in one product. you're going to have microspears that exfoliate the skin. so it's almost like a primer for your serums and your other actives to penetrate into your skin.

>> everybody says you need a supercharged antioxidant.

>> yes.

>> this is the one you like?

>> this is vitamin c . this is using 10%, the most potent form of vitamin c you should use, and you're going to help to fight the free radicals environmental stressors, and a healthier look. think of this as your multivitamin for your skin every morning.

>> the other product is a retinol product. we have a beautiful model from the crowd and she's trying this out.

>> retinol is going to be one of the two topicals that fda considers to be antiaging, and one of the recommended skin care products and it is just like the magic behind a flawless complexion. helps with cell turnovers. and it's 1% retinol along with your peptides and antioxidants. use this in the evening to get flawless skin.

>> i think carolyn's got good jeans wo genes on her side.

>> eye creams, this is going to make all your other eye products jealous because it's going to attack the major concerns. this is strivectin. gives like an iridescent look and a flawless appearance and makes your eyes look brighter and more fresh.

>> the next one is anti-aging moisturizer. this can be a big-ticket item but affordable.

>> only going to be $30. and what you're going to find with this, it contains bioenergy technology that helps look of fatigue in the skin. that look that you get, that tired look, tired impression some people have, this helps to rejuvenate the skin. they have polled over 2,500 women and notice women have brighter complexion.

>> are you supposed to use all of these products?

>> yes. this is actually a perfect regimen. you have your cleanser, vitamin a and c, your eye cream is a must, moisturizer and complete that with sunscreen.

>> it's very important. how do you pronounce this?

>> this is la roche . it's very lightweight. and it gives you coverage without picking through your make-up. that's one of the new beauty choice awards, people don't apply their sunscreen as well as they should because they don't like the way it looks. where you can apply this on a daily basis to your skin.

>> and lovely linda from our plaza getting the application. and people don't use enough sunscreen, either, do they?

>> they need a nickel-sized amount to their face. this is a full shot for your body.

>> okay. you were freaking me out there.

>> that is for the -- nickel sized for the face.

>> last but not least, cellulite. can we do the disclaimer? you're not going to rub this on your thighs.

>> that's very true.

>> if you are --

>> you need to couple this with healthy diet and exercise, but over 90% of the population have cellulite. this attacks the areas programmed to have cellulite, the hips, thighs, buttocks, and it's in this cool application. you rub it into the skin and amazing what it can do for you.