TODAY   |  January 20, 2014

Al Roker recaps first lady’s 50th birthday bash

TODAY’s Al Roker reports that that the special celebration for Michelle Obama marking her 50th birthday was like a house party that just happened to be held at the White House.

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>> well, speaking of the obamas, 500 guests helped the first lady celebrate her 50th birthday on saturday night. sources say the star-studded bash turned into a late-night dance party . beyonce was there, sang "single ladies" and later posted these photos of the trip with her daughter blue ivy. other guests, bill and hillary clinton , paul mccartney . but, perhaps the biggest name of all, our own al roker . al, from the phone, the party went until 3:00 a.m ., al, are you recovered?

>> well, i've got to tell you, it was -- first of all, it was like -- it was literally a house party . a house party that happened to be in the white house . my wife deborah and i went. and there were all these stars, which was kind of terrific. but there were a lot of friends. in fact, for a while there, i thought who are all these kids? and turns out sasha and malia had invited a lot of their friends. there were a lot of young people around.

>> sounds cool.

>> but literally at one point, a while -- beyonce was performing, paul mccartney was talking or kind of grooving with stevie wonder . and i thought, oh, my gosh, ebony and ivory right there. unbelievable.

>> sounds like celebrities there, al. did you and joe biden do like a conga line or anything like that?

>> i did see the vice president and dr. biden. that was almost bizarre about this, everybody was casual. there's the president wearing a sport coat and shirt and open shirt and so was joe biden . but i actually got to boogie a little with the first lady.

>> wow.

>> deborah and i were dancing and all of a sudden i turned around and there was mrs. obama, and she was dancing with sasha. and that's what was kind of cool about it. here's like a mom and her daughter just kind of grooving, having a good time. and thinking, oh, my gosh, i'm dancing with the first lady.

>> good stuff, al. thank you very much.

>> all right, guys.

>> glad you have a great