TODAY   |  January 20, 2014

Prince Charles taking on more royal duties

The royal prince will travel with Queen Elizabeth to France to commemorate the Normandy invasion, even standing in for her. The press office of the prince is also expected to merge with the queen’s office. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> well, big news following the british royal family seen by some in the first step in transitioning prince charles to take over as king. michelle kosinski at buckingham palace this morning. good morning to you.

>> reporter: it's not as if the queen has any intention of stepping down from her reign with charles the longest waiting heir in history. but looks like he's about to gain an even higher profile. how many people does it take to handle the press? for the prince of wales, ten. one busy royal and with more working days than even the queen this past year.

>> thank you very much.

>> reporter: now the palace confirmed that the press offices of charles and the queen will merge soon with charles ' press officer taking over for the family. and in june, he's expected to travel with the queen to france commemorating the normandy invasion , even to stand in for her at times. one french official is quoted as saying, we've been told this will probably be the queen's last official foreign visit. add to that, that for the knighting recently, the queen's private sector, he was recognized for the preparation for the transition to a change of reign. a big deal , even though the queen is 87, succession is not talked about here.

>> it doesn't mean that anybody's ill. doesn't mean something dramatic's going to happen, but they don't want things to be seen as a sudden change. it's important that prince charles and, indeed, prince william are prepared for the next stage.

>> all the young royals have been taking on more official responsibility. william studying agriculture at cambridge as he will one day manage his father's huge estate. and harry just ending his high-flying army career to help organize military events at home.

>> reporter: the palace says no, prince charles isn't going to be sharing the queen's job or anything like that, they described it more as a streamlining move behind the scenes , although according to reports quoting inside sources, it isn't actually expected to save any money. savannah?

>> all right. michelle kosinski with the latest from buckingham palace ,