TODAY   |  January 20, 2014

Joe Scarborough: Scandal darkens Christie’s future

Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” says that allegations from the mayor of Hoboken claiming New Jersey governor Chris Christie held Hurricane Sandy relief funds hostage until she supported a development project, are “troubling” for Christie’s future political prospects.

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>> former republican congressman joe scarborough host of msnbc's " morning joe ."

>> good morning.

>> the facts of this are pretty complex. how does it strike you? do you think this is a credible claim? or do you look at this as political enemies starting to smell blood in the water and piling on?

>> you know, i think it's politics 101. unfortunately, you see it in washington and around the country where somebody's sitting at 65% approval ratings and you're a mayor and you want things for your town, you sit there and smile and tweet like she did. chris christie , he's a great guy and great guy for new jersey. when the investigators start swirling around and there's blood in the water, you then reveal in your diary that you wept like a child, that you were heartbroken there wasn't a santa claus after all and that chris christie ran a corrupted administration. this isn't especially shocking. i will tell you, it is especially troubling for chris christie 's future, political career. a month ago around here we were talking about how he was going to get conservatives on his side to be the next president of the united states . but now the questions are being asked around the table off-air. is he going to survive the next year as governor of new jersey ? these are tough, tough times for chris christie .

>> as he's in this survival mode, we saw a different tact from him. aggressively pushing back from the hoboken mayor's claim. on the network that broke the story, msnbc. chris christie 's spokesperson said msnbc is a partisan network that's been almost gleeful in their efforts attacking him. i know governor christie's a frequent guest on your show. what do you make of that allegation?

>> they're obviously not talking about " morning joe " because john heilemann calls our show good morning, trenton, because we love chris christie so much around here. but listen, you can attack the network if you want to, there are a lot of people that go after him gleefully, that's not shocking. but here's the bottom line, you can push back against whatever network you want to push back against. the lieutenant governor needs to come out today and say what was said about her in the parking lot was a lie. and if she can't do that, they've got a real problem. and i suspect if the u.s. attorney 's being talked to, she's going to have to say that under oath. this is chris christie 's biggest problem. if chris christie is not telling the truth, are there 15 people going to perjure themselves for chris christie , close aides, the person that was going to run the new jersey republican party that ran his campaign? we said it before, if chris christie 's telling the truth, he'll be fine. and if he's not telling the truth, he won't survive. none of us know the answer to those questions. but certainly, this weekend was just sort of one more story. and this unfolding story that makes a lot of republican donors. and this is a big political story here nationwide starting to scratch their heads going, is this guy really our best chance to beat hillary clinton in 2016 ? i think more and more people are waking up to this news saying, no.

>> you'll be talking around your table as well as ours, good to get your perspective. thank you.

>> thanks a lot. appreciate it,