TODAY   |  January 19, 2014

Google contact lenses could help aid diabetics

Google has developed a contact lens that has the ability to monitor glucose levels, eliminating the needle prick that millions of diabetics deal with on a daily basis. TODAY’s Erica Hill interviews Joshua Topolsky of The Verge.

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>>> this morning in today's tech, a peek into future of google glasses now working on a contact lens that would monitor a diabetes patient's glucose levels. there are more than 25 million americans who are living with diabetes. a lot of them have to brick their finger multiple times a day to check their levels. this is a contact to eliminate that. how?

>> you put it in your eye. it has a glucose sensor, obs youly. tiny antenna, as thin as a hair and a controller that makes the whole thing work. it can communicate with a device to send information about glucose levels.

>> it would monitor it --

>> monitors the glucose levels in your tears.

>> we know this is at least five to ten years out. ultimately are they looking at this as just a contact lens for people who don't wear corrective lenses or, say, if you wear contacts anyway, this would be a special kind to help you see and monitor?

>> i think ultimately both. you'll have people with contacts that need this monitors and then you'll have people just with diabetes that want to get this information. dual duty.

>> any chance this can merge into the google glasses which do totally different things.

>> if you look at what google is doing with getting information in different ways, i think it makes sense. if you think 10, 15 years out, they can get the components out, something like this, doing what google glass is doing is a real possibility.

>> google moving into medical technology ?

>> i think google is moving into crazy ideas. in the medical space, there's a lot of new crazy ideas. they want to attack on all fronts.

>> a pretty exciting one. nice having you with us this morning. thanks for coming in.