TODAY   |  January 19, 2014

One to watch: Sasheer Zamata debuts on ‘SNL’

“Saturday Night Live” returned last night after a brief hiatus, and while singer Drake was the host and musical guest, all eyes were on the new feature player Sasheer Zamata. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>> the newest featured player to join saturday nightlife, sasheer sam mat the joined the show last night.

>> jenna is in the orange room with more on how she did in her debut.

>> clearly a lot of pressure on sasheer zamata, the first female cast member in six years. if social media is any indication, people are just going to want more.

>> sasheer zamata!

>> reporter: all eyes were on sasheer. she has us from the start with this rhee on nah interpretation. at this point we knew she was funny. we knew she could dance, and then we found out she could sing as well. she appeared in almost every sketch in the first half hour. "snl" prominently featuring their first female black player in six years. but the night belonged to host and musical guest drake from his opening monologue. i'm black and jewish, don't be so foolish

>> right to this " indiana jones " number, to showing off his poetry skills.

>> that makes you more real.

>> he quickly became the number one trending topic overnight on twitter and ended the show with a shout-out and a hug. what a great pairing. what i wouldn't give to have drake at my ba mitzvah. twending on twitter, kelly writes, drake has shown y'all he can wrap, act and sing tonight. very clear he's not here to play. sean says talented, absolutely beautiful. we'll be watching every week now. she got the hard part over with. whoo. it's behind her, her baidu. now it's just every week after this.