TODAY   |  January 19, 2014

Beyoncé performs for Michelle Obama’s 50th bash

Some of the biggest stars on the planet came together for what sounds like an all-out dance party at the White House. TODAY’s Kristen Welker reports.

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>>> first lady michelle obama might be sleeping in this morning after staying um late for the big 50th birthday bash thrown in her honor. kristen welker is at the white house with more on who came out to celebrate with the obamas. kristen , good morning.

>> reporter: lester, good morning to you. guests say this is a night that lived up to its billing with performances by beyonce and john legend . the guest list was just as impressive, all here to celebrate the first lady and 50 years. some of the biggest names in hollywood, washington and the obama's hometown of chicago turned out to celebrate the first lady's big night .

>> tell us how you're feeling going into the party?

>> we all think it's going to be a great party. she's the first lady. we're all here to support her.

>> looking forward to saying happy birthday to her and being able to celebrate this great milestone in her life.

>> reporter: even nbc's own al roker .

>> are you ready to dance?

>> i'm hoping it's old school.

>> reporter: guests were told to eat beforehand and dust off their dancing shoes for a lady known to do the doogie. michelle obama is not afraid to have fun. it seems turning 50 has been no exception.

>> there hasn't been any of that sort of, oh, i don't want to talk about my birthday or i don't want to talk about my age. for her generation, 50 is not old, 50 is not something to lament.

>> reporter: instead it's been something to celebrate, from pictures with her new aarp card to this adorable tweet from the white house showing how much she's grown. the woman whom for many has become a fashion icon and model mom is an example of how to hit a major milestone with ease.

>> i hope she has another 50 years and more coming and she'll accomplish everything she's capable of accomplishing.

>> reporter: guests celebrated late into the night , enjoying delicious desserts and "a list" entertainment.

>> here for the first lady's birthday. that was a highlight. the president gave a wonderful, wonderful speech about her. beyonce performed. wow.

>> reporter: cameras and cell phones weren't allowed in, but guests tell us other celebrity sightings include stevie wonder , james taylor . they also say the first daughters were there with some of their friends. everyone who attended seemed to agree that the highlight was the speech that president obama gave to his wife. lester, i also hear he did some dancing last night.

>> all right. kristen welker, thanks