TODAY   |  January 19, 2014

‘Brutally cold’: Arctic blast returns

Though the country won’t endure temperatures as cold as the polar vortex of a few weeks ago, the incoming cold blast is predicted to be “a shock to the system and extremely cold,” said TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer.

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>>> it is time to put on extra layers again. there's another arctic chill making its way. it was just a few weeks ago we were dealing with that winter blast from the so-called polar vortex , when the temperatures plunged well below zero in many parts of the country. dylan is tracking this next round for us. dylan, as we'd like to forget the last round, will this be as bad?

>> it is not going to be as bad, but still brutally cold for a lot of areas in the midwest and areas like the northeast, too. here is the polar vortex . we've talked a lot about this. it's this cyclone that sits up normally in the north pole . it's normally nice and compact, doesn't move all that much. what we're going to see is it starts to wobble and breaks off from being up in the north pole and it does start to dip down to the south. last time we got right into the heart of this polar vortex . that's why we saw exceptionally cold temperatures. but this time around, the coldest is going to stay right up in canada, but we are still going to tap in to some of that really cold air. let's compare it to last time. last time the coldest of the cold, the high temperature in chicago was two below. this time around it's 12 degrees. still extremely cold. minneapolis, last time around it was 12 below. this time around about three degrees. new york city will feel about the same, maybe a little milder in the morning. boston, it will be colder. last time around with the polar vortex it was 22. this time around, especially by wednesday, about 14 degrees. so not as bad as last time, but certainly still a shock to the system and extremely cold. erica?