TODAY   |  January 18, 2014

Take a look inside ‘one of the best places to work’

A workplace wonderland? An office for everyone, fresh food for lunch and live music all keep employees happy at one North Carolina office. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>>> it may not come as a surprise to hear that a company that was just chosen as one of the country's best places to work, again, has everything from unlimited sick days to workout facilities, even a salon, all on site. the company is sass. kerry sanders went inside to find out what else they're doing right.

>> reporter: what if where you worked, you were entertained with live music as you ate at one of four company cafes, your salad so fresh, they're grown right on the property, and the boss encouraged you to eat lunch with your kids?

>> you miss out a lot of times when you're a working parent.

>> reporter: this may not sound like any company you've ever heard of, where there are gyms and pools and a solar farm where sheep cut the grass. and where not one employee is crammed into a cubicle. everyone here gets an office. but this is not a fantasy. at sas in cary, north carolina , ceo jim goodknight breaks all the rules and remains profitable.

>> i like to spoil our people. i want them to stay on here. it's my job to make sure they come back through the gate every morning.

>> reporter: he created sas years ago and now with 14,000 employees worldwide, sas ais a multibillion dollar company that analyzes data for other companies. and it's the benefits the company provides that makes employees happy. myron chandler drops off his 3-year-old son at an on-campus daycare center and is always just five minutes away.

>> he's right here. i can walk over, see how he is and get right back to work. so, that's a benefit to me and the company, i think.

>> reporter: and it gets better. employees have no set hours and sick days are unlimited. and for those who might feel under the weather?

>> first we'll listen to your heart and lungs.

>> okay.

>> reporter: free clinics with free prescriptions. the company says the average employee is out sick only four days a year.

>> there you go.

>> reporter: there's even a salon for on-site haircuts and a place to get your watch repaired. this counterintuitive approach has led to profits in the billions with less than a 3% employee turnover .

>> so, people do eventually leave?

>> well, when they're ready to retire, yeah.

>> reporter: but they don't quit.

>> very seldom.

>> reporter: because?

>> well, i guess they're happy here.

>> reporter: and how many people can say they're happy at work? for "today," kerry sanders , nbc news, cary, north carolina .