Image: Jenna Wolfe

TODAY   |  January 18, 2014

Re-energize your resolutions with Jenna’s fitness tips

There are some easy ways to keep to a fitness routine that might’ve been part of a New Year’s resolution. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe, also a certified personal trainer, reports.

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>> this skinny person hides all the junk food from the bigger person and the bigger person loses weight. thank you so much to roscoe wilson elementary school for having us. they are amazing there. as you saw, the kids really seemed to have all the answers. maybe we can actually learn a thing or two from them.

>> well, you have changed, so you want to teach a couple things or two to help people stick with their diets and their resolutions. you've got a couple tips.

>> yes, i have two tips. all right, two things i do every morning as part of my daily wake-up routine. number one, this is an easy one, water intake. first thing i do, i drink 20 sips of water. i don't need to count ounces or cups. 20 swallows of water wakes up your body from the inside out. it will leave you feeling ready for an active and energy-filled day. i do this. it feels good. number two, a quick exercise of your choice to wake the muscles up. let them know that you'll be needing them all day. here's a way to work your gluts, your shoulders, thighs, out obliques all at one time. it's called a modified burpees. i do ten of these before i start my day. please, make sure you warm up, your muscles are warm and you want to get yourself into it nicely. this is a modified walkout burpee. sort of get your hamstrings going. you walk yourself out over here, i go out in, i come, get my left knee to my left elbow, right knee to my right elbow. i do this twice, and then i walk myself back. you come up, you go right back down. so, you're going to walk yourself out, you're going to go out, in, in a nice plank position. you're going to touch your elbow once and twice, and then you're going to walk yourself back up. you feel energized, you wake up. we did these recently.

>> we did. and what you don't realize is she's doing -- get the camera on her.

>> hey, you know what? "a," "b," "c" for effort, joelle. that was fantastic! all right! it's not hard, but it will wake you up. you combine that with all your water and you are --

>> you go, joelle!

>> -- rearing to go for the day.

>> we did that yesterday, training together. that is a good workout.

>> and when you've done ten of them, i'm telling you, your body feels ready to go. just make sure you hydrate.

>> let's not go that far. but yeah, it does. i feel great.

>>> we are partnering with a community to shine a light on healthy living. if you live in a community that needs help with health and fitness , go to our facebook page and tell us why we should pick your hometown, then we'll be showing up