TODAY   |  January 18, 2014

TODAY viewers share favorites for SAG Awards

Award season is in full swing, and people are buzzing online with predictions for the 20th annual Screen actors Guild Awards. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe shared who TODAY viewers picked for the top prize.

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>>> is in full swing when three shows happen in one week.

>> so far, we've had the " golden globes ," "the critic's choice awards," tonight it's the "screen actors guild" or s.a.g. , and there is plenty of speculation about who will go home a winner. jenna has all the details.

>> every year i promise myself i'll watch all five movies that are nominated. so, the " s.a.g. awards" are tonight and i have four more movies to watch, so that's probably going to happen. the s.a.g. awards are usually considered the precursor to the oscars and we wanted you to be film critic for a day, so we had you logon to to pick outstanding performance for a cast in a motion picture . here are your choices --

"american hustle," "august: osage county ," "dallas buyers club" with matthew mcconaughey . he's not good-looking, what? "the butler" and "12 years a slave." so, we logged on, and, ooh, do you guys hear that? here we go. you guys chose " american hustle ," 33%, followed closely by "12 years a slave." as luck would have it, this is the only one i actually saw.

>> i was going to ask which one you saw.

>> i saw this one. it was very good. lester, you voted, right? you participated.

>> i'm a longtime s.a.g. member and i voted.

>> name-dropper! name-dropper. connected, connected.

>> i voted "12 years a slave" as best film . i did not love " american hustle ."

>> i was just reading a similar review of that the